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Celebrate the Success of Alumni in China and Australia

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Annual Alumni Awards Networking

The Australia China Alumni Awards is an initiative of the Australia China Alumni Association (ACAA) to celebrate excellence in Australian tertiary education and recognise the significant achievements of Australian-educated alumni in China. The aim of the Awards is to demonstrate how Australian tertiary education can help graduates succeed in an international context and across a variety of fields.

Every year, ACAA holds awards networking in November. Before 2020, the Awards Networking was hold in one place gathering all finalists, winners, government and university representatives. Since 2020, ACAA organized annual awards networkings in 8-10 cities in Australia and China at the same day.

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Your Lifelong Connection to Australia

Australia China Alumni Association

​The Australia China Alumni Association (ACAA) was established in 2007 with the support of the Australian Ambassador to China. After almost 15 years of operation and growth, the ACAA now communicates with a network of over 26000+ Australian alumni across China. As a non-for-profit organization, the ACAA is funded through our unviersity partners and corporate partners and is supported by the Australian Government in China.

The ACAA greatly appreciates all of the on-going support provided by its partner universities, by the Australian Embassy Beijing, by the Australian Consulate Generals (Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Shenyang) and by Austrade.  Such support has enabled the ACAA to develop into Australia’s largest people-to-people alumni network in China.

The ACAA is open to and serves all China-based alumni and Chinese students of Australian universities and provides a variety of services, programs and events, including its annual flagship Alumni Awards, Mentor Program, Alumni Welcome Back Receptions, Career Development Events and Industry Discussion Forums. The ACAA provides a platform to both showcase Australian alumni’s contributions to the various commercial and cultural exchanges between Australia and China and to help alumni across China to reconnect.

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What the ACAA Offers

ACAA is open to and serves all Chinese students in Australian universities and China-based alumni of Australian universities and provides a variety of services, programs and events, including its annual flagship Alumni Awards, Mentor Program and its Career Development Events. The ACAA provides a platform to showcase the contributions Australian alumni make to the various commercial, educational and cultural exchanges between Australia and China, and to help Australian alumni across China to reconnect. Our platform provides support and engagement for Australian alumni in China and Chinese students in Australia in order to build a stronger Australia-China community and to showcase the strengths of Australian education.


ACAA has run its Mentor Program since 2015. The aim is to provide a better level of support for younger Australian alumni in China throughout their various stages of career development and to build an enduring Australia China alumni community. Our Mentor Program enables mentee participants to develop professionally and personally, by growing their skills and self-awareness – all with the on-going support of a senior industry professional.

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ACAA holds various events in different cities of both China and Australia to help alumni to meet fellow alumni and to connect with their alma maters. 

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ACAA has launched an Internship Program to help Chinese students studying at Australian universities obtain work experience and prepare themselves for jobs in China or Australia.


ACAA collects job opportunities that suit our alumni and provides a platform for companies to publish vacancies. 

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