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2022 Australia China Alumni Award for Research and Science

Australia China Alumni Award for Research and Science

This award recognises alumni who have contributed to the development of research and science which has made a significant impact on the Australia-China community.

All nominees are expected to have advanced current knowledge in a particular field, through significant research or scientific work in an academic, corporate or technological setting.

A nominee’s achievements can span all fields of study and work (for example, sciences, technology, medicine, or academic research).

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Hai Guo
Jin Han
Junnan HaoXuan Li
Lin Zhang
Yu Zhou
Prof. Guo
Ir Professor,Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Murdoch University Alumnus



Professor Dr. Hai GUO completed his Ph.D. study in Air Quality in Australia and conducted his postdoctoral research in USA, Hong Kong and Australia. He is currently a full Professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and an Adjunct Professor at Queensland University of Technology, Australia, and Wuhan University and Tongji University, China. Prof. GUO’s major research interests include atmospheric chemistry, ozone formation mechanisms, source apportionment, organic aerosols, acidic ultrafine particles and new particle formation. A unique theme of his research is understanding the formation of ozone and secondary organic aerosols in photochemical smog, which has adverse impacts on human health, air quality and climate change. One of his major foci is to provide new research methods to solve elusive scientific questions through the development and application of novel simulation models and analytical instruments, thereby promoting the forefront of observational and numerical capabilities. Prof. GUO is an investigator of over 70 highly competitive external research projects including two RGC Collaborative Research Fund projects as PC, two Theme-based Research Scheme projects as Co-PI, and one National Key R&D program of China as PI, with grants over 70 million Hong Kong dollars (~9M US dollars). He has published over 170 papers in high-quality international journals with over 11,300 citations and a h-index of 53 (Google scholar) to date. He won the first prize of Guangdong Provincial Government Science and Technology Award in 2014, the second prize of Natural Science of the Ministry of Education Award in 2016, Gold Medal and Special Merit Award at the 71st International Trade Fair for Ideas, Inventions and New Products (iENA) in 2019, and other scientific and technological awards. He is an editor of Aerosol and Air Quality Research (IF: 4.530), an associate editor of Science of the Total Environment (IF: 10.753), and an editorial Board member of Atmosphere (Air session) (IF: 3.11), and Atmospheric Environment (IF: 5.755). He is an executive member of Australia-China Centre for Air Quality Science and Management, and the standing committee member of The Ozone Pollution Control Professional Committee of the Chinese Society of Environmental Sciences. He is also the core member of VOC Expert Group of World Meteorological Organization – Global Atmosphere Watch, and the Founding member of Tropospheric Ozone Precursors (TOP) Focus Working Group, TOAR-II (Tropospheric Ozone Assessment Report-II).

郭海教授在澳大利亚获得空气质量研究的博士学位,并在美国、香港和澳大利亚进行了博士后研究。现任香港理工大学土木与环境工程系教授,澳大利亚昆士兰科技大学、武汉大学和同济大学兼职教授。郭教授的主要研究方向包括大气化学、臭氧形成机制、源解析、有机气溶胶、酸性超细颗粒和新颗粒形成。他研究的一个独特主题是了解光化学烟雾中臭氧和二次有机气溶胶的形成,这些空气污染物对人类健康、空气质量和气候变化有不利影响。他的主要关注点之一是通过开发和应用新的模拟模型和分析仪器,提供新的研究方法来解决难以捉摸的科学问题,从而推动观测和数值能力的前沿。郭教授主持了70多个竞争激烈的外部研究项目,其中包括两个香港研究资助局合作研究基金项目,两个主题研究计划项目,以及一个国家重点研发计划,获得资助超过7000万港元(约900万美元)。迄今为止,他在高质量的国际期刊上发表了170多篇论文,被引用超过11,3000次,h-index为53(谷歌学者)。2014年获广东省政府科学技术一等奖、2016年教育部自然科学二等奖、2019年第71届国际创意、发明及新产品交易会金奖和特等奖(iENA)等科技奖项。他是Aerosol and Air Quality Research (IF4.530)的编辑,Science of the Total Environment (IF: 10.753)的副主编,以及Atmosphere (Air session) (IF: 3.11)和Atmospheric Environment的编委 IF:5.755。他也是澳中空气质量科学与管理中心执行委员,中国环境科学学会臭氧污染控制专业委员会常务委员。他还是世界气象组织全球大气监测网挥发性有机化合物专家组核心成员,对流层臭氧前体物(TOP)焦点工作组TOAR-II(对流层臭氧评估报告II)创始成员。

Dr Jin Han
Research Fellow, Black Dog Institute and University of New South Wales
Australian National University Alumna


As an emerging research leader in e-mental health and suicide prevention, Dr Jin Han and her team have developed multiple digital interventions to empower young people to become “digitally-engaged” in their own medical care and preventative health efforts. She was awarded over nine million funding and prestigious awards, including the 2020 Bupa Emerging Health Researcher Award and the 2022 MHS Early Career Research Award, for her work in using smartphone-based digital tools to detect, monitor, and reduce mental health symptoms and the risk of suicide in young people. Jin has also been working on showcasing Australian excellence in digital health innovations and supporting Chinese international students to connect with the broader Australian community. She was funded by the Australian Academy of Science, the U21 Health Sciences Group, and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade to develop and deliver online mental health services to support mental wellbeing of Chinese international students in and outside Australia. Jin has 42 high-quality research papers and serves on the editorial boards of four SCI/SSCI journals, including BMC Psychiatry and Crisis.    

作为电子心理健康和自杀预防领域的青年研究人员,韩瑾博士和她的团队开发了多种数字干预应用,让年轻人可以“数字参与”到自己的医疗保健和疾病预防中来。因其在基于智能手机的数字工具检测、监测和减少心理健康症状以及年轻人自杀风险方面的出色工作,韩瑾博士获得了超过九百万澳币的资助并获得了一系列奖项,包括2020年Bupa青年科学家奖以及2022心理健康协会青年科学家奖。此外,韩瑾博士还致力于中国和澳大利亚在数字健康创新方面的合作交流,促进中国留学生与澳大利亚社区建立联系。她在澳大利亚科学院、U21健康科学小组和澳大利亚外交和贸易部的资助下开发和提供在线心理健康服务,以促进在澳以及海外中国留学生群体的心理健康。韩瑾博士目前已发表42篇高质量研究论文,并担任BMC Psychiatry和Crisis等4本SCI/SSCI期刊的编委。

Dr Junnan Hao
DECRA Fellow, The University of Adelaide
University of Wollongong Alumnus



Graduated from University of Wollongong in 2020, Dr. Junnan Hao is now working at The University of Adelaide as a DECRA fellow.  He serves as an associate editor of Frontiers in Chemistry, editorial Board Members of Batteries, eScience, and SusMat. He has already demonstrated an exceptional track record, reflected by the publication of 60 refereed papers in peer-reviewed journals, including 7 ESI Hot papers, 11 ESI Highly Cited papers. These include 25 papers as the first author (19) and corresponding author (6), including: Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA. (1), Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. (2), Adv. Mater. (3), Energy Environ. Sci. (2), Adv. Energy Mater. (1), Adv. Funct. Mater. (2), etc. I have achieved a total citation of > 4000 with an H-index of 31(Google Scholar), in which > 2000 times of citation are contributed in this year (2022). Moreover, he has earned various awards, including “ARC Discovery Early Career Researcher Funding Award (DECRA)”, “AINSE Early Career Researcher Grant (ECRG) Award”,  “Australian Battery Society Energy Renaissance Innovator Award”, “Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-Financed Students Abroad”, “Postgraduate Student Merit Award”, “National Scholarship”, “National Encouragement scholarship”, “Excellent Student of Guangdong Province”, etc.
郝俊南博士,毕业于澳大利亚伍伦贡大学,目前在阿德莱德大学从事博士后研究,主要研究新能源存储方向,现担任Frontiers in Chemistry副主编,Batteries, eScience, 以及 SusMat编委。已发表论文60篇,其中包括7篇ESI热门论文,11篇高被引论文。其中包括作为第一作者(19)和通讯作者(6)的25篇论文,包括:Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA. (1), Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. (2), Adv. Mater. (3), Energy Environ. Sci. (2), Adv. Energy Mater. (1), Adv. Funct. Mater. (2)等。引次数>4000次,H-index为31,其中今年(2022年)引次数>2000次。此外,荣获包括“澳大利亚电池协会能源复兴创新者奖”、“优秀自费留学生奖”、“研究生优秀毕业”、“国家奖学金”、“国家励志奖学金”等。
Dr Xuan Li
Research Fellow, University of Technology Sydney
University of Queensland Alumna



Dr. Xuan Li received her PhD from the University of Queensland in 2020. She is currently working as a postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Technology Sydney. She serves as paper handling editor for Scientific Report (top 10% journal), lead guest editor for special issues in Process Safety and Environmental Protection (top 10% journal), and the supervisor of 4 HDR students.
She has broad research interests, including sewer concrete corrosion, energy recovery, and wastewater-based epidemiology. Her research works made a high impact in the field of environmental engineering, with 35 high-quality peer-reviewed research papers, 4 book chapters, and nearly 600 citations. She was one of the earliest scientific contributors to population-wide surveillance of COVID-19 through wastewater-based epidemiology, providing better solutions to cope with pandemics. Her research outcomes are reported in Australian and Chinese media outlets, such as Academic Times.
As a chief investigator, she received 7 grants with nearly 400,000 AUD in total from Australian industries and the Academy of Science. She also established extensive collaborations with Chinese universities such as Sun Yat-sen University through research projects and funding. She is a member of STEM women in Australia, keen to facilitate collaborations and knowledge sharing between Australia and China.

Dr. Lin Zhang
General Manager and Chief Medical Officer
Wonders Information Group-Ningbo Branch

University of Melbourne


Dr. Lin Zhang has obtained his Ph.D of Cancer Epidemiology from the University of Melbourne (UoM) in 2019. Lin’s PhD research focused on colorectal cancer screening and prevention in Asian countries. With his PhD supervisors, Lin’s research team was awarded the “2017 Award for Excellence” in the UoM. Because of excellent research outcome during in his PhD, Lin was awarded the Victorian International Education Award by the Victorian State Government of Australia, and Global Outstanding Graduate by Ministry of Education of China in 2020. Lin’s tremendous efforts and success in public health and medical research are evidenced by his more than 100 publications in renowned international journals such as Lancet, BMJ and his co-authored books, which have been widely cited(H index=22). Having substantial influence and authority in the field, Lin has been appointed editor and reviewer for scientific journals and invited to present at multiple academic conferences. As Study Melbourne Ambassador and Vice-President of the UoM Shanghai Alumni Association, Lin has volunteered to encourage and inspire international students and alumni by sharing his research experience through dialogues and events. His accomplishments have also attracted attention from the media and reported in China and abroad.
张麟博士于2019在墨尔本大学 (墨大) 获得肿瘤流行病学博士, 主要研究亚洲国家结直肠癌的早筛和防治。其研究团队获得了墨大”2017年度卓越奖”。由于优异的研究成果,张麟于2020获得了维多利亚州政府颁发的国际教育奖和中国教育部全球优秀留学生奖。通过在医学研究方面的努力,张麟成功在《柳叶刀》、《英国医学杂志》等国际知名期刊上发表了100多篇论文,并被广泛引用(H指数为22)。张麟被任命为多本期刊的编委和审稿人,并受邀出席学术会议。作为Study Melbourne大使和墨大上海校友会副主席,张麟通过对话和活动分享其研究经验,并引起了国内外媒体的关注和报道。

Prof. Yu Zhou
Professor, Harbin Institute of Technology
University of Newcastle Alumnus


Yu Zhou completed his PhD degree at The University of Newcastle in 1993 before joining The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and becoming Full Professor. He is the Founding Director of a research institute at Harbin Institute of Technology and has made a pioneering contribution to the artificial intelligence (AI) control of turbulence by developing and building a landmark AI system. This has achieved unprecedented success in reducing the drag of turbulent boundary layers and and has led to important energy savings and emission reductions. Yu’s drag reducing AI-based methodology is now being applied to a 600 km/hr super high-speed train that is under development in China. Yu has given invited keynote addresses on this breakthrough research at many international conferences. In 2011, Yu initiated the Fluid-Structure-Sound Interactions and Control (FSSIC) symposium series, now an influential international event. He is a highly cited researcher, an elected Fellow of the Australasian Fluid Mechanics Society, Associate Editor of the AIAA Journal and President of the FSSIC Society. He has received many awards, including the 2002 best paper award medal from the Japanese Society of Visualization, prestigious Chinese “1000 Talent Scheme” award in 2010 and the second prize of the Natural Science Award of Chinese Mechanics in 2021.
1993年获纽卡斯尔大学博士学位,曾任香港理工大学终身正教授、流固耦合中心主任,现任哈尔滨工业大学湍流控制研究所奠基所长。其最突出的科研成果是提出并成功研发人工智能控制湍流系统,这一开创性并引领潮流的研究发表于国际顶级期刊,为高速运载工具减阻、节能和减排取得了前所未有的成功,获中铁集团合同应用于中国正在研发的600公里时速超级磁悬浮高铁,并受邀为众多国际会议做主题演讲。周裕教授2011年创办了国际流固声耦合与控制系列研讨会,并使其成为本领域三大国际交流平台之一。其它荣誉包括,入选“国家千人计划”,Web of Science高被引科学家,大洋洲流体力学学会首位华人会士,国际航空航天顶级期刊AIAA Journal副主编,国际流固声耦合与控制学会主席,曾获众多奖项(如日本可视化学会2002年最佳论文奖、中国力学学会2021年自然科学二等奖)。