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2022 Australia China Alumni Award for the Arts and Creative Industries

Australia China Alumni Award for the Arts and Creative Industries

This award recognises alumni who have achieved excellence in the Arts and Creative sectors and/or whose efforts promote the understanding and value of artistic and creative endeavours. 

It seeks to recognize creativity and success in one or more of a variety of fields, including art and design, architecture, fashion design, literature, music, performing arts, advertising, publishing and the creative media.

A nominee should have a demonstrated ability to use their creative skills in new and innovative ways, perhaps by working across creative mediums, combining or introducing new concepts into the field, and/or introducing creative concepts into new/unique markets.

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Vivi ChanKatherine JiangTingting JinYiying Lu
Aaron Pang
Rick WooChao Zhao
Ms Vivi Chan
Sipimo Group Chief Brand Officer 
James Cook University Australia


Upon graduation in 2021, Vivi Chan became a film producer. She was invited to participate in the opening ceremony of the 2021 Shanghai International Film Festival, participated in the preparation of a theatrical film; Served as the executive director & planner of the Mercedes-Benz Film Festival and project conference. In the second half of 2021, as the co-founder of Shanghai K&K Art Space, she planned and hosted more than 40 high-end feasts, celebrity art exhibitions, photography exhibitions, famous writer’s signing events. She was invited by Forbes China live broadcast, as a guest speakers of TED open mic, etc. Vivi Chan is the founder of YEPS -World Elite Platform, and 7 sessions have been successfully held, with a cumulative audience of 200,000 people. Now she has got a postgraduate offer from the University of Sydney, Australia. Currently serves as the Chief Brand Officer of the SIPIMO Group, a chain brand with 2,200 branches around the world.

陈芝妍,2021年在毕业之际,成为了一名电影制片人。受邀前往参与了2021年上海国际电影节开幕式,参与了一部院线电影的筹备工作,并担任梅赛德斯奔驰电影节暨项目发布会的总导演,总策划。2021年下半年,作为上海K&K艺术空间的联合创始人,策划及主持了40余场高端盛宴、名流艺术展、摄影展、签售会等。如今,受福布斯直播特邀、TED open mic演讲嘉宾等,创办了线上分享论坛YEPS世界菁创力论坛,并成功举办7期,累计听众达20万人次。现获得了澳大利亚悉尼大学研究生录取通知书,且担任全球2200家分店的连锁品牌诗碧曼集团的首席品牌官。

Ms Katherine Jiang
Production Co-ordinator
Trackmaster Pty Ltd
Torrens University Alumna


Over my past few years during my study and now within the fashion industry, I have been constantly aiming for higher to reach towards my life goal. As of recently, I was honoured to have my collection showcased at the Ravishing Fashionistas’ walkway show during August. A total of 6 pieces out of 10 from my collection was chosen as per the show’s theme of this year. This collection was inspired by the traditional Chinese artistic culture, beginning from my own knowledge and interpretations, to developing a recreation that reflected my values towards an heritage culture and the fashion industry. I have also completed multiple custom made orders within the past 3 years when COVID-19 has begun, developing unique designs from my client’s requirements, to actioning and replicating an illustration to real life. I will always discuss and provide different design options with what my client wants, and adjust accordingly with both my creative and technical skill sets within my capabilities. With this, I have built a reputation within my clients’ circles, and gained both new clients as well as returning clients.
近年来,在我学业的路途中与现在的时装行业中,我一直在努力的往上爬,为了能更进一步的勾向我的人生梦想与目标。在今年的八月初,我荣幸地获得了一个机会。一个让我的作品能够在大众的呈现出的机会。位于昆士兰的Ravishing Fashionishtas的女装时装秀在今年八月拉开帷幕,而我10件作品中的6件,很荣幸的被选中,并且上台展出。这个系列是受了中国艺术文化的启发而创造而成。从我对中国传统艺术的认知,到如何将我的认知与敬佩转化成一个时装与传统艺术文化的结晶体。在被新冠病毒爆发的三年里,我也完成许多订制单。在订制的过程中,我会与我的顾客商量,设计,提供等等满意方案给予他们。通过我的艺术与专业工艺,来实现顾客的要求。因此,我也得到了顾客的信任与推荐,由此接到了更多新顾客以及老顾客。

Ms Tingting Jin
Film producer, Translator, Founder of Peaceful Steps Media
RMIT University Alumna

皇家墨尔本理工大学 校友

Tingting Jin has worked and studied in 4 continents across the fields of literature, film/TV and media. She has assumed the role of International Business Manager at Harvest Pictures Group(a China-Australia film co-production company), participated in the financing, creative and production aspects of various China-Australia co-production films,  engaged in the development, planning and promotional work of AACTA Asia International Engagement Program,  was appointed as the co-presenter and interpreter of China/Australia Film Forum, and has presented at various major film festivals.
Tingting has translated(English/Chinese) and published more than 40 well-regarded books nationwide in China, completing over 6 million Chinese characters in total. These include the works of Disney CEO Robert Iger, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, ex-chairman of Google Eric Schmidt, co-founder/president of Pixar Ed Catmull,  Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla, literary giants such as Virginia Woolf and William Somerset Maugham, as well as international celebrities such as Matthew McConaughey and Charlie Kaufman.

靳婷婷翻译出版了四十余部作品,中文字数逾 600万。她的主要译作,包括迪士尼、谷歌、皮克斯、亚马逊、辉瑞等公司首席执行官/创始人全球现象级商业著作,以及文学巨擘弗吉尼亚•伍尔夫及毛姆、奥斯卡影帝马修•麦康纳、及奥斯卡最佳编剧查理•考夫曼的作品。其中,迪士尼前CEO自传《一生的旅程》荣登“2020年豆瓣商业•经管图书榜“榜首。
Ms Yiying Lu
City and County of San Francisco
San Francisco Arts Commissioner
University of Sydney Technology Alumna


Yiying Lu is an award-winning artist, entrepreneur, creative educator, and bilingual speaker. She was named a “Fast Company’s Most Creative People in Business”, Microsoft’s “Top 10 Emerging Leader in Innovation”, and a “Shorty Awards” winner in Design. Her clients include: Disney, Apple, Google, PepsiCo Group, Microsoft, Airbnb, Sony, Alibaba and Tencent. Her work has been featured in The New York Times, Forbes, Bloomberg, Fast Company, The Wall Street Journal, The Atlantic, NBC News, TIME, Wired Magazine, The Verge, CNN, and BBC.
She has created the iconic Web 2.0 “Twitter Whale” seen by millions, and Dumpling, Chopsticks, Boba, Tea Emoji used by billions. She also created the Disney Shanghai Mickey Mouse which integrates global brands with traditional Chinese elements.  
Yiying is a sought-after bilingual speaker in both English and Chinese, on topics of cross-cultural design and innovation at global conferences and universities such as TEDx, Talks at Google, SXSW, Adobe MAX, Web Summit, Tencent Design Week, Peking University, Tsinghua University, NYU Shanghai, Stanford University and so on.
Yiying was also appointed as the SF Arts Commissioner by San Francisco Mayor London Breed in April 2021, she is actively empowering Chinese and Australian artists, as her hometowns Shanghai & Sydney are both San Francisco’s Sister City.

陆怡颖是一位屡获殊荣的艺术家、创新引领者、品牌设计专家、及中英双语演讲人。她在全球艺术和创意领域有着丰富的经验,曾被美国著名商业杂志FastCompany《快公司》评为最具创意的商业人士、微软十大创新引领者,首届社交媒体”肖蒂奖”(Shorty Awards)的”最佳设计奖”。她曾担任迪斯尼、苹果、谷歌、百事可乐集团、微软、爱彼迎、 索尼、阿里巴巴、腾讯等众多公司创意设计顾问。 她的艺术作品曾被《纽约时报》、《福布斯》、《大西洋月刊》、《时代周刊》、《快公司》、《华尔街日报》、《CNN新闻》、《BBC新闻》、《旧金山纪事报》、《TechCrunch》等多家媒体发表。
陆怡颖的艺术创意作品包括数百万Twitter用户耳熟能详的Web 2.0″推特宕机鲸鱼”,数十亿人使用的饺子、筷子和奶茶表情符号,以及上海迪士尼开园仪式中国风的米老鼠,她的跨文化艺术作品将国际品牌与中国传统元素融为一体。
此外,她还是备受欢迎的中英文双语演讲人:曾在 TEDx、Talks at Google、SXSW、Adobe MAX、Web 峰会、腾讯设计周、北京大学、清华大学、上海纽约大学、斯坦福大学等全球创意大会和高等学府发表跨文化艺术创意主题演讲。
中国上海与澳大悉尼均为美国旧金山的姐妹城市。2021 年 4 月,陆怡颖被旧金山市长 London Breed 任命为旧金山艺术专员,由此她也积极投身于与中澳艺术家互动,以艺术团结全世界。

Mr Aaron Pang
Digital Advisor at Microsoft

Macquarie University Alumnus


Aaron Pang graduated with a Master of Business Administration from Macquarie University in 2010.
Aaron launched several internet ideas including e-commerce, affiliate marketing, search engine aggregator in his early twenties. After working as Managing Director at Lalamove Hong Kong, Aaron has led a number of business transformation initiatives for companies across different industries through Deloitte, Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants, EY and Microsoft. He is currently a Digital Advisor at Microsoft, a strategic role where he orchestrates key stakeholders in the ecosystem to work with senior executives on challenging issues.
Aaron is a hands-on father of two young children. Since 2019, Aaron has been proactively spreading positivity in Hong Kong and around the world for the next generation. He published two books and is about to release his third book to help others rediscover their own inner child at heart, ‘Unstuck’. He is the author of The Asian Dad and Reborn Digital (數碼轉盈).
With Aaron’s optimism to inspire others, he became a Podcast Host at https://transformativepurpose.com where he interviews different inspiring people to learn about how they successfully transformed themselves. The guests include renowned business leader, professional athlete, scientist, author, parent, global motivational speaker as well as ex MGSM professor and alumnus, Dr. Steven Segal and Peter Birch.
His transformative purpose podcast was ranked top 12 in Hong Kong, and currently in the top 3% in the global podcast ranking. He was also a speaker on TEDx. Aaron is a frequent keynote speaker and facilitator for corporates. Currently working as a Digital Advisor in Microsoft, his role inspires people on the topics of business and personal transformation, mindset and positive thinking, purpose discovery and relationships.
“Forgive your younger-self. Believe in your current-self. And create your future-self with positive intent.”
Aaron Pang 於 2010 年畢業於麥考瑞大學,獲得工商管理碩士學位。
Aaron在二十多歲時推出多個不同的互聯網創意概念,包括電子商務、聯盟營銷、搜索引擎聚合器。擔任香港Lalamove的董事總經理後,Aaron在德勤、香港會計師公會、安永和微軟為不同行業的公司幫助業務轉型。他目前是 Microsoft 的资深顧問,負責協調商業生態系統,與企業和微軟的同事一起解決具有挑戰性的問題。
Aaron是個親力親為的父親自。 2019 年以來,Aaron 一直在香港和世界各地積極傳播正能量。他出版了兩本書,即將出版他的第三本書以幫助他人積極思考,《Unstuck》。他是The Asian Dad and Reborn Digital(數碼轉盈)的作者。
憑藉 Aaron 對激勵他/她人的樂觀態度,他成為 https://transformative purpose.com 的播客主持人,在那裡他採訪了不同的鼓舞人心的人,以了解他們如何成功地改變自己。他們的嘉賓包括著名的商業領袖 Dr. Allan Zeman、職業運動員 、科學家 、作家、家長、全球勵志演說家 Michael Crossland 以及前 MGSM 教授和校友 Steven Segal 博士和 Peter Birch。
他的變革目的播客在香港排名前 12 位,目前在全球播客排名中排名前 3%。他還是 TEDx 的演講者。 Aaron 經常為企業發表主題演講。目前在微軟擔任顧問,他主動分享關於正面思想、改變心態、組織轉型和目的、關係等主題。

Mr. Rick Woo
Co-founder of LOST
University of South Australia alumnus


As a Hong Kong brand and successfully penetrated into the overseas market, it is all because of the learning and working experience given by Australia which inspired me a lot. My name is Rick Woo graduated from University of South Australia with a Master of Business Administration.  LOST, established in 2013, designed a series of reality escape room based on different historical adventure stories, embedded with tons of auto-gadgets, participants need to use their interaction, intelligence, investigation and imagination skills to work together, solve the riddles, crack the codes and escape from the rooms within certain time.  During the years LOST has been operating in Canada, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Taiwan, Philippines, Vietnam and Australia.  Created over 1000 different themed rooms.  In addition, LOST is also very popular among parents and children, thus LOST Junior was established years ago.  Targeting age 6 to 14 and new escapers. STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts Mathematics) elements have been embedded in the games as we believe children learn through play and learn how to create meaningful play experiences.  “Gamification” is our core element, from indoor to outdoor, from kids to adults, from consumers to corporations, we gamify anything!  in 2022, LOST announced the creation of the world’s first escape game in Metaverse, creating play-to-earn, create-to-earn models in LOST Island, the self-develop metaverse for gamers to earn NFTs, Tokens by creating their own escape game on Web 3.0 and blockchain technology, the OMO (online merge offline) model with GameFi and SocialFi ecosystem in our future world.  

作為一個香港品牌,能夠在幾年間發展至海外市場,全賴於過往累積的工作經驗及澳洲高等教育的啟發。本人 Rick Woo 畢業於南澳大學並取得工商管理碩士學位。2013年創立 LOST 真人實境密室逃脫,主要透過真實歷險故事並加設許多自行研發的機關,打造逼真場景,讓參與者能夠於指定時間之內運用合作、智慧、溝通和觀察能力一同解難逃離密室。目前網絡覆蓋多個國家,業務踏遍了加拿大、阿聯酋、星加坡、台灣、菲律賓、越南及澳洲。設計出超過一千個不同的主題密室,LOST 亦深受家長及小朋友愛戴,故此成立了 LOST Junior ,目標客戶群為6至14歲及一些新手玩家,並加入了 STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts Mathematics) 元素,還有詳細分析報告給予各玩家,體驗玩中有學。對於我們來說「遊戲化」就是我們的主體業務,從室內到室外、從小朋友都成年人、從個人客戶到企業客戶,將一切不可能變成可能。2022年正式宣佈進軍元宇宙,配合LOST目前網絡分布將虛實結合,讓玩家可以透過解謎逃脫遊戲獲取不同道具的NFT 或者是加密貨幣,創造play-to-earn模式;另外加入LOST Junior 元素,提升小朋友創意解難能力,建立play-to-learn模式;於區塊鏈上打造一個GameFi 及SocialFi的未來世界,藉此將香港品牌在世界不同地方發光發亮。

Mr Chao Zhao
Deputy Dean of Academy of Art and Design in Tsinghua University,
Executive Dean of Art and Science Research Institute in Tsinghua University,
Chair Professor of Industrial Design in Tsinghua University,
Founder and Director of Healthcare Design Innovation Lab in Tsinghua University,
Director of the Art, Humanities and Health Care Design Lab in the Tsinghua Chang Gung Hospital,
Secretary-General of the Design Disciplinary Teaching Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education China,
Vice President of International Council of Design (ICoD)
Queensland University of Technology Alumnus



Professor, Dr. Chao Zhao is currently the Deputy Dean of Academy of Arts and Design in Tsinghua University, Executive Dean of Academy of Arts and Sciences Innovation Research in Tsinghua University, Chief Design Officer of CapitalBio Corporation of Tsinghua Enterprise, Founder and Director of Tsinghua University Health Care Innovation Design Institute, and the Director of Tsinghua-Anta Sports Fashion Research Center. He is also serve as Secretary-General of the Design Disciplinary Teaching Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education China, and Vice President of International Council of Design. He holds a doctor’s degree from Queensland University of Technology, a master’s degree from Tsinghua University, and a bachelor’s degree from the Central Academy of Arts and Design.

Professor Zhao has a strong teaching, research and design consulting background in the areas of arts and design. He has been involved in theoretical modeling, design practice, and design evaluation of product design projects as a practitioner, researcher and trainer. He has an extensive and distinguished design related publication record in international journals and conferences. Professor Zhao leads the industrial design discipline in Tsinghua University and the national first-class professional discipline development. He focuses on multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural design research and practice, and made significant contribution on the major national projects such as high-speed train design project, Coronavirus-19 Nucleic Acid Test design project, and Winter Olympic Games project etc. Through design innovations to integrate cultural, technological, aesthetic, and commercial elements, his research is realizing the social innovation, human-centered experience, and sustainable development. Professor Zhao’s design works have been featured in a number of international exhibition and gallery collections. The wide-scope of design has won Professor Zhao numerous awards in his design career, including international renowned design award ‘Red Dot Award’, National Significant Product Design Award, and China Excellence Design Award.