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2022 Australia China Community Service Award

Australia China Community Service Award

This Award recognises alumni who have made an outstanding commitment to service in the community and society in China or Australia, and who have thereby bettered the lives of others through professional or volunteer efforts.

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Alan BaiAda Choi
Sunny LiuJianzhong Lu
Cissy Ma
Scarlett Pong
Yingqu ShangLi Zhang
Alan Bai
Managing Director of China Renaissance Capital Investment
Macquarie University alumnus


Mr Alan Wei Bai is the managing director at China Renaissance Capital Investment, a venture capital and private equity firm since 2006. China Renaissance Capital Investment founded Chong Ren Foundation in 2008. The foundation mainly focuses on promoting education in China’s less developed regions by financing school buildings and providing state-of-the-art hard and software IT equipment. This foundation is very serious on helping less fortunate children that live in regions of concern. They aim to provide these children help in adapting to our rapidly changing world. Alan Bai wishes to give all children an equal chance at education and success.
This foundation has also financed a speedy re-construction of two major school projects in Sichuan´s MIngshan district, after a severe earthquake hit a large area in the province on May 12, 2008. Later on, the foundation launched a large primary school complex in Henan´s Biyang district, a less developed farming area. Furthermore, Chongren financed numerous small village primary schools in the very remote and underdeveloped mountain areas of Qinghai. These large acts that this foundation has taken part in displays how focused Alan Bai is in giving back to the community.
Alan Bai graduated from Macquarie University with a Graduate Diploma in Accounting in 1997 and a Master of Applied Finance in 1998. Alan has used his alumni relationship with the university to provide degrees as a foundation to build his business career. He was a speaker at the University’s July 2007 graduation ceremonies in Beijing. Alan has been engaged closely with the University attending Leadership Briefings since 2016, where he has been enthusiastic about the University’s plans and interested in being further involved.
We can identify Alans strong interests in community service as Alan expresses interest in supporting research opportunities in health and synthetic biology and start-ups in Australia-China commerce and the Macquarie University Incubator.


自2016年以来,白先生一直与大学密切合作,参加领导力简报会,在那里他一直对大学的计划充满热情,并有兴趣进一步参与。 白先生还有兴趣支持健康和生物学的研究机会以及澳中商业和麦考瑞大学孵化器的初创企业。


Ada Choi
PhD student at University of New South Wales
University of Sydney Alumnus
Queensland University of Technology Alumnus

Ada is an inspirational and enthusiastic community leader who has made a huge impact in the Australia-China space and beyond. Since her day one in Australia, she has been tirelessly volunteering in and contributing to a wide range of initiatives that touch the lives of her peers and other Chinese international students. Her volunteering hours in 2021-2022 amounted to more than 500 hours.
As an official International Student Ambassador of the City of Sydney and a vice president of a Chinese Student Association, Ada oriented more than 1,000 Chinese international students and addressed their questions prior to arriving in Australia to pursue their academic dreams. During the onset of the pandemic, she took the lead to draft a letter to the Minister for Health to advocate fair and equitable access to free Pfizer vaccines for all international students. Ada was also the founder of the first Queensland Chinese Career Fair and worked closely with the City of Sydney and National Foundation for Australia-China Relations to increase social and cultural ties in the Australia-China space, and many more to count. In recognition of these contributions, Ada was nominated for NSW Volunteer of the Year Awards and International Student of the Year Awards by UNSW in 2022.
Ada is also an experienced educator and a high-achieving student. She received funding, awards and scholarships from the Australian Government, University of New South Wales, University of Sydney, University of Queensland, Zhejiang University, Korea University, and Queensland University of Technology.

Sunny Liu
Communications Adviser of The Victorian Government, Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions
Monash University and Charles Darwin Univesity alumna


A former Chinese international student in Australia, Zitan (Sunny) Liu has been an active part of the Australia-China space for the past eight years. Arriving in Melbourne at 17 years old, Sunny studied Journalism and Psychology at Monash University before working as a journalist for a local newspaper. In 2019, Sunny moved to Darwin, the Northern Territory, to pursue a Master of Teaching degree in Australia’s Top End. At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Sunny decided to help fellow international students in need by handing out free meals through the Kindness Shake initiative, a volunteer-led initiative that quickly grew and attracted national attention. She’s now the Vice-Chair of this not-for-profit organisation, connecting international students with the Australian community through employability workshops, cultural immersion programs, social events and the annual Kindness Festival. Sunny proudly represents and advocates for the well-being of Chinese international students, youths and the broader Chinese Australian community through her roles as a board member of the Multicultural Council of the Northern Territory, a 2021 NT Youth Week Ambassador and a StudyNT Student Ambassador. Sunny has also taught the Chinese language at local schools through the Charles Darwin University Confucius Institute.Sunny now works as a Communications Adviser at the Victorian Government in Melbourne.
从来自中国的国际留学生到现在澳洲社区积极的一员,刘子倓(Sunny Liu)在澳大利亚生活的八年时间里经历并成长了许多。Sunny在17岁那年从中国来澳大利亚墨尔本求学,在蒙纳士大学学习新闻传媒和心理学。本科期间,Sunny有幸在澳大利亚国立电视台ABC新闻节目和本地大型报纸实习,毕业后,Sunny成为了一名澳洲本地报社记者。在2019年,Sunny搬去了澳大利亚北领地首府达尔文,攻读教育研究生学位。在新冠疫情刚爆发期间,Sunny和一群国际留学生一起创办了Kindness Shake,每周为受到疫情影响的学生提供免费的爱心晚餐。两年多来,Kindness Shake现在已成为澳洲注册慈善组织,为上千名留学生在生活、就业、社交、文化方面提供了支持。每年的Kindness Festival国际学生节成为了澳大利亚北领地的一个大型活动,每年都有4000多人参与,了解和体验在澳洲的国际学生的才艺和丰富的文化底蕴。Sunny是北领地多元文化协会的理事会成员之一、2021年澳大利亚北领地青年周大使、StudyNT北领地教育署学生大使,并曾通过查尔斯大学孔子学院在本地小学教中文,传播中华文化。Sunny现在是维多利亚州政府的一位传媒顾问。

Jianzhong Lu
President General Affairs Essilor Great China Essilor
RMIT University alumnus


Dr. Lu was one of the earliest pioneer of sustainability practitioner cross various industries.
He joined BHP in 2000 right after graduation from Melbourne Institute of Technology with PHD on ecommerce. He worked for BHP over 10 years and played the role of global leadership in various positions including online strategy, ecommerce architecture, corporate affairs, business development, R&D and Acting President BHP Biliton(China). From2007 to 2011, based in China, Dr. Lu led the strategy and implementation R&D and corporate affairs framework integrating business development, research and innovation, government affairs, community programs and established an integrated framework of engagement with Chinese communities of government agencies, regulators, industry associations,Australian chambers and Australian partners, scientific institutions, media and many charity and philanthropy organizations, that contributed to the company’s business growth and social impact as well as Chinese local strength in talent development and sustainability capabilities. In 2008, Dr. Lu was elected as the torchbearer of the Paralympics.

Ø Dr Lu’s efforts in facilitating the origination of President Hu Jin Tao’s visit to Perth (BHP Billiton and CNRS) has contributed greatly to the mutual understanding of mining and sciences between to tow major trading partners and elevated the profile of BHO Billiton, strengthened the partnership relation with Chinese Academic of Sciences where many joint collaborative research and development programs were carried out with efforts from both side for long term
Ø Dr Lu’s efforts in facilitating the technical cooperation with MOFTEC (now MOFCOM) by leveraging the funding of UNDP to establish the first Chinese ecommerce infrastructure “the Nation al Root Authority of ecommerce” hosted by MOFTEC, has contributed to the adoption of the most advanced technology by the Chinese business community and built up a foudation for further ecommerce taking-off in China
Ø Dr Lu’s service to the Australian Chamber contributed to the Australian companies’ CSR benchmark and promotion, it then also promoted the profile of Australian companies and depend the healthy relation with Chinese local communities where those companies operated Service to society
Ø Long-term and continued volunteering services to local communities include coaching Austrian educated students, lecturing on career development in various communities, local neighbourhood community services and life improvement programs (helped more than 20 charity organisations and their programs, improving Children sight ability in remote area, charity Clinique, awareness of eye heath, volunteering teams in COVID 19, online course to help organisations and people to better overcome the impact of COVID 19, donations to education, caring aged people, help to develop NGO’s growth capability and train then to adopt sound business model to become seIf-reliance, supporting and caring disabled kids, establishing employee volunteer team and volunteering service system and platform, tree plantation, environmental protection programs)Potential to influence and inspire.
Dr Lu is an inspiring model who has combined the good heart, determined conviction, well equipped capability, and open mindset to work with many people. In his surrounding, we see a very positively power of an ecosystem, where he has well connected all good willingness and practical skills to be ready to make greater contribution to the society, and at the same time to one’s growth and enrichment. This is a typical characteristic of Dr Lu. He always says: Knowledge and action combine together. He said so and he did integrally. This is a secret of his success.
吕博士曾任多家世界500强跨国集团及家族企业中国区领导,包括曾任英国伟尔集团(The Weir Group)中国总裁,博然思维集团全球合伙人,新加坡金鹰集团(中国区)集团执行副总裁,亚太森博(山东)浆纸有限公司董事长,必和必拓集团(中国)代理总裁,为这些公司在推进本地化商业战略、业务增长、持续改善、社会责任、员工发展、企业品牌和风险管理作出了重要的贡献。

Cissy Ma
Managing Director of Grow and Sell Your Biz Pty Ltd
University of Queensland and Central Queensland University alumna


Cissy is a passionate advocate for diversity and inclusion. Through her volunteering activities, she gives back to the Australian and Chinese communities with significant positive impact:

Mentor with Inspiring Rare BirdsRiver City LabsBrisbane Business HubMentoring for GrowthBusiness in Heels (160k members), CPA Australia (170k members), Mentor WalksUQ BELExport Council of Australia.

Founding Activator for Coralus (SheEO) in Australia. 7000+ Activators in 5 countries loaned US$12M+ to 120+ women entrepreneurs. Presented/hosted 20+ events, including annual conferences.

Finance Chair at The BoardroomForbes calls the “Secret Weapon” of successful business owners”, Australian Business Journal “the World’s #1 Global Advisory Board”. 

Co-founded the APAC Women’s Mentoring Circle since 2016 to provide group mentoring for APAC ladies’ to break the Glass & Bamboo Ceilings. APAC now has 1,200+ members from 18 countries on LinkedIn/WeChat.

Passionate about gender equity, eg, IWD Great Debate 2020, Migrant Women in Business Summit 2020, Digital Week Online Women in Tech host 2020-2022, UQ Ventures Break the Bias Magazine and LeadHERS 2022, CPA IWD panel host 2022.

Keynote at numerous events for Australia-China Youth Association, Australia-China Youth Dialogue and Australia-China Young Professionals Initiative. 

Member of CPA Qld Divisional Council (currently Deputy President), Business Committee since 2016 (2018-2019 Chair), Qld Executive Committee since 2021, Global ESG Centre of Excellence since 2020, Appointments Council.

Nominated to be on the Innovation Advisory Council for the Queensland Government from 2023, focusing on emerging industries, regional inclusion and Brisbane Olympic 2032.



Coralus (女性企业家)澳洲创始投资人。五个国家的七千多投资人已经向120多位女企业家贷款超过一千二百万美金。马女士已经在二十多个活动中(包括年会)主持或演讲。

“董事会” 创始人及财务主席。福布斯称“董事会”是成功企业的“秘密武器”,澳大利亚商业杂志称“董事会”是“世界第一的全球顾问委员会”。

自 2016 年以来共同创立了亚太地区女性指导圈,为亚太地区女性提供团体指导,以打破玻璃和竹子的天花板。亚太地区女性指导圈现在在领英/微信上有来自 18 个国家/地区的 1,200 多名会员。

对性别平等充满热情,例如,2020 年国际妇女节大辩论、2020 年移民女性商业峰会、2020-2022 年在线数字周女性科技主持人、2022年昆大风投打破偏见杂志和女性领导者论坛 、2022 年澳洲会计师公会国际妇女节活动主持人。


自 2016 年起担任 澳洲会计师公会昆省委员会成员(现任副主席)、商务委员会成员(2018-2019 年主席)、自 2021 年起担任 昆省执行委员会成员、自 2020 年起担任全球 ESG (环境社会及治理)卓越中心、董事会任命委员会成员。

被昆士兰州长提名为 2023 年昆州政府创新顾问委员会成员, 专注于新兴产业、区域包容性和2032年布里斯班奥运会。

Ms. PONG Scarlett Oi Lan, BBS, JP
President of Health Connect Ltd
Macquarie University alumna


Scarlett is an outstanding healthcare professional who is dedicated to improve population health in the Western Pacific Region, based on the WHO Healthy city initiative. She was elected as the Chairman of the Steering Committee of the Alliance for Healthy Cities (AFHC) from 2014-2018, with approximately 240 city members, mainly mayors and the WHO representatives as the advisor.  Scarlett was the organizing chairman of the 2014 and 2021 Global Conference of the AFHC ,  an excellent  platform for academic, government officials and mayors  to foster cooperation and strengthen network, in order to make cities healthier and more sustainable.  In 2018, she won the “AFHC Award for Pioneers in Healthy Cities” and was being invited to Portugal by the WHO to launch the “Global Action Plan on Physical Activity”, with the Director-General, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.
She won the “Ten Outstanding Young Persons’ Award” in 1998.  Scarlett has served on various committees of HKSAR Government, for example, the Council Member of the Baptist University and Board Member of the Hospital Authority. Her contributions to the communities have been recognized by her appointment as Justice of Peace in 2011 and awarded Bronze Bauhinia Star in 2016.


Yingqu Shang
President of Tasmanian Chinese Students & Scholars Association
University of Tasmania alumna

RMIT University alumna



Miranda have been the president of the Chinese Students and Scholars Association of University of Tasmania (UTASCSSA) since 2020. During this period, she organized volunteer activities and events of promoting Chinese culture, which were recognised by the Tasmania University Student Association by awarding her an Individual Gold Award in 2021.
“When moving into a new community, we should actively integrate into the local community life, as well as helping other fresh-on-boats to fit in, then the community will grow better and better,” which is the main reason that she participated in community service proactively. Especially, when the epidemic spread in Australia, she organized a volunteer team in the community to help Chinese students in need, such as buy daily necessities and distribute free masks.
At the same time, she also actively participates in various activities organized by the Chinese community and the local community. At the beginning of 2022, she was invited by the Australian Department of Home Affairs as a student representative to communicate with the Australian government about the problems encountered by international students.

Cr Li Zhang
Councillor, Deputy Mayor, Glen Eira City Council
University of Melbourne alumna


Cr Li Zhang has made history by becoming the first woman from Asian background elected as Deputy Mayor of Glen Eira City Council in 2021.
In her role as the Councillor and Deputy Mayor, Li actively advocate for the multicultural communities. She initiated first ever Glen Eira’s official Lunar New Year celebration in 2022, which was widely attended and enjoyed by community members.
Li has demonstrated courageous leadership and made significant contribution to the multicultural community and her local community. Among many community activities that Li organised in the capacity of the President of the Chinese Community Council of Australia Victorian Chapter, a remarkable highlight was the “Walk from Robe” commemoration walk. This three-week walk culminated in a formal apology in Victorian Parliament by Premier Daniel Andrews to the Chinese Community who were discriminated against by the imposition of the unjust Poll Tax in the 1850s gold rush era.
Li mentors and supports many international students and young people from CALD background. Her achievements will inspire more women particularly those from the multicultural community to achieve higher and contribute more to the community.
2022 年,她发起了格林艾拉市政府首次官方春节庆祝活动,吸引了当地社区的广泛参与。
“罗布之行”纪念步行活动。这次为期三周的步行活动最终获得州长丹尼尔.安德鲁斯在维州议会为 1850 年代淘金热时期向华人淘金工征收歧视性人头税而向华人社区正式道歉。