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2022 Study Queensland Alumni Award

Study Queensland Alumni Award

This Award recognizes the significant achievements of Queensland educated alumni in China. This Award celebrates all-round distinction in work, life and community service and aims to recognize an alumna/alumnus who has demonstrated excellence in her/his professional career and/or charitable activities, has supported to strengthen the Australia-China relationship and has potentials to influence and inspire others. 

Study Queensland is the State Government organization dedicated to promoting Queensland as a premier study destination and a preferred partner for education, training, research and innovation.

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Vivi Chan
Xuan Li
Bin Sun
Yuchao WangChao Zhao
Vivi Chan
Sipimo Group Chief Brand Officer 
James Cook University Australia


Upon graduation in 2021, Vivi Chan became a film producer. She was invited to participate in the opening ceremony of the 2021 Shanghai International Film Festival, participated in the preparation of a theatrical film; Served as the executive director & planner of the Mercedes-Benz Film Festival and project conference. In the second half of 2021, as the co-founder of Shanghai K&K Art Space, she planned and hosted more than 40 high-end feasts, celebrity art exhibitions, photography exhibitions, famous writer’s signing events. She was invited by Forbes China live broadcast, as a guest speakers of TED open mic, etc. Vivi Chan is the founder of YEPS -World Elite Platform, and 7 sessions have been successfully held, with a cumulative audience of 200,000 people. Now she has got a postgraduate offer from the University of Sydney, Australia. Currently serves as the Chief Brand Officer of the SIPIMO Group, a chain brand with 2,200 branches around the world.

陈芝妍,2021年在毕业之际,成为了一名电影制片人。受邀前往参与了2021年上海国际电影节开幕式,参与了一部院线电影的筹备工作,并担任梅赛德斯奔驰电影节暨项目发布会的总导演,总策划。2021年下半年,作为上海K&K艺术空间的联合创始人,策划及主持了40余场高端盛宴、名流艺术展、摄影展、签售会等。如今,受福布斯直播特邀、TED open mic演讲嘉宾等,创办了线上分享论坛YEPS世界菁创力论坛,并成功举办7期,累计听众达20万人次。现获得了澳大利亚悉尼大学研究生录取通知书,且担任全球2200家分店的连锁品牌诗碧曼集团的首席品牌官。

Xuan Li
Research Fellow, University of Technology Sydney
University of Queensland Alumna



Dr. Xuan Li received her PhD from the University of Queensland in 2020. She is currently working as a postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Technology Sydney. She serves as paper handling editor for Scientific Report (top 10% journal), lead guest editor for special issues in Process Safety and Environmental Protection (top 10% journal), and the supervisor of 4 HDR students.
She has broad research interests, including sewer concrete corrosion, energy recovery, and wastewater-based epidemiology. Her research works made a high impact in the field of environmental engineering, with 35 high-quality peer-reviewed research papers, 4 book chapters, and nearly 600 citations. She was one of the earliest scientific contributors to population-wide surveillance of COVID-19 through wastewater-based epidemiology, providing better solutions to cope with pandemics. Her research outcomes are reported in Australian and Chinese media outlets, such as Academic Times.
As a chief investigator, she received 7 grants with nearly 400,000 AUD in total from Australian industries and the Academy of Science. She also established extensive collaborations with Chinese universities such as Sun Yat-sen University through research projects and funding. She is a member of STEM women in Australia, keen to facilitate collaborations and knowledge sharing between Australia and China.

Bin Sun
Lawyer of Beijing Long An Law Firm Shenyang Office
University of Queensland alumna


In the past four years, I provided legal services to multinational corporations, state-owned enterprises, private enterprises, government departments, colleges and universities, autonomous organizations, and individuals. I committed to protect legal rights and interests of my clients and represented cases involved billions of yuan. At the same time, as the deputy secretary of the Civil Law Committee of Liaoning Bar Association, I organized the annual meeting of the Committee, also run the official account of “Civil and Commercial Law Micro Forum” and edit and publish an article every Friday. After providing legal assistance to women and overseas Chinese for a long time, I was elected as deputy director of the Women’s Committee and secretary-general of the Overseas Chinese Federation of my law firm. In addition, through an open election of nearly 2,000 households in my community, I was elected as the director of the Owners’ Committee, helping to make the community more livable.


Yuchao Wang
CEO, Huzhou Qiushi Education Group
Principal, Deqing Qiushi Senior High School
Griffith University alumnus


In 2010, while working at the Shanghai Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Wang Yuchao has won an Australian leadership fellowship to complete a Master degree at Griffith University. Wang joined Huzhou Qiushi Education Group (HQEG) in 2015 and currently serves as CEO. He has built the group into six schools (two high schools, two foreign language schools and two vocational training schools); four restaurants and five companies ranging from education development, electronic network science and technology, and cloud-based network and technology development. He is also very keen on charity. On May 21, 2008, he went to Wenchuan, Sichuan Province, to carry out earthquake relief. In 2019, he donated 1 million yuan to Fuxi Street in Deqing County to reward excellent teachers and students.
Wang is committed to strengthening educational exchanges and cooperation between China and Australia. He has worked tirelessly with Griffith partners, with whom he has developed a trusting, long-term relationship, to co-develop an innovative program. He has built a mutually-beneficial collaboration with Griffith University that improves capacity for teachers from both sides, and benefits Chinese students and their parents. This involves 1) sending HQEG teachers to Griffith University each year for intensive short courses, and hosting Griffith education students to HQEG for practicum placements; and 2) a “Collaborative Direct English Entry Program” jointly delivered by HQEG and Griffith University. In addition to teaching the national high school curriculum, teachers from Griffith University teach the pre-university curriculum. The students then commence foundation studies (equivalent to grade 12) before proceeding to a full undergraduate degree. The program was officially launched in 2019. So far, there have been more than 100 students. The first two classes of students have been enrolled at Griffith University for undergraduate course and foundation studies. As a high school international program, the program has sustained and continued to grow through exceptional efforts overcoming the challenges posed by the COVID-19 restriction,and it has attracted students from the Yangtze River Delta region. This demonstrates the popularity of the program and confirms Wang’s entrepreneurship which is driven by his desire to create a brand new education program that serves students and their parents. This program has also made a great contribution to strengthening China-Australia long-term cooperation and people-to-people exchanges.



Mr Chao Zhao
Deputy Dean of Academy of Art and Design in Tsinghua University,
Executive Dean of Art and Science Research Institute in Tsinghua University,
Chair Professor of Industrial Design in Tsinghua University,
Founder and Director of Healthcare Design Innovation Lab in Tsinghua University,
Director of the Art, Humanities and Health Care Design Lab in the Tsinghua Chang Gung Hospital,
Secretary-General of the Design Disciplinary Teaching Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education China,
Vice President of International Council of Design (ICoD)
Queensland University of Technology Alumnus



Professor, Dr. Chao Zhao is currently the Deputy Dean of Academy of Arts and Design in Tsinghua University, Executive Dean of Academy of Arts and Sciences Innovation Research in Tsinghua University, Chief Design Officer of CapitalBio Corporation of Tsinghua Enterprise, Founder and Director of Tsinghua University Health Care Innovation Design Institute, and the Director of Tsinghua-Anta Sports Fashion Research Center. He is also serve as Secretary-General of the Design Disciplinary Teaching Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education China, and Vice President of International Council of Design. He holds a doctor’s degree from Queensland University of Technology, a master’s degree from Tsinghua University, and a bachelor’s degree from the Central Academy of Arts and Design.

Professor Zhao has a strong teaching, research and design consulting background in the areas of arts and design. He has been involved in theoretical modeling, design practice, and design evaluation of product design projects as a practitioner, researcher and trainer. He has an extensive and distinguished design related publication record in international journals and conferences. Professor Zhao leads the industrial design discipline in Tsinghua University and the national first-class professional discipline development. He focuses on multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural design research and practice, and made significant contribution on the major national projects such as high-speed train design project, Coronavirus-19 Nucleic Acid Test design project, and Winter Olympic Games project etc. Through design innovations to integrate cultural, technological, aesthetic, and commercial elements, his research is realizing the social innovation, human-centered experience, and sustainable development. Professor Zhao’s design works have been featured in a number of international exhibition and gallery collections. The wide-scope of design has won Professor Zhao numerous awards in his design career, including international renowned design award ‘Red Dot Award’, National Significant Product Design Award, and China Excellence Design Award.