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2023 AMET Young Australia China Alumni of the Year Award

AMET – Young Australia China Alumni of the Year Award

This award is open to all alumni who are not yet 35 years old and are involved in fields of employment, community service or voluntary work.

All nominees should demonstrate integrity, initiative and innovation and be on a fast trajectory to leadership in their field.

This award recognises the achievements of our young alumni and celebrates their outstanding talent, accomplishments, and the contributions they have made to the wider Australia-China community.

This Award is sponsored by AMET Education.

AMET Education Group was established in 1991. The head office is located in Brisbane, Queensland. AMET Education helps thousands of students every year to make their dream of studying in Australia come true. AMET Education Australia Group is a comprehensive large-scale company with a network of offices around Globally. AMET Education offers the complete range of services to international students including, study consultations, overseas student health cover (OSHC) as well as assistance with their document processing, airport pick-ups, opening bank accounts, communicating with schools, document translation, and more.

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Jersey Wang Lee
University of Sydney
Yuqing Guo
Australian National University
Fei He
University of Queensland
Zheyuan Chen
University of Sydney
Wendy Forster (Di Liu)
RMIT University and University of Melbourne
Bo Xu
Macquarie University
Yang Li
University of New South Wales

Xiaoxiang Wang
Queensland University of Technology

Xinyang Liang 
Australian National University

Yingzhe Zhao
Australian National University

Barry Yang
Australian National University
Jersey Wang Lee
Shanghai Guanchazhe Information Technology Co., Ltd.
University of Sydney

An alumni from University of Sydney, I am currently working in China’s online media and think tank research industry. Although majoring in civil and environmental engineering in both undergraduate and postgraduate studies, I have developed a particularly keen interest in politics and international relations. I had written a number of articles to renowned international publications such as the South China Morning Post, on topics ranging from China’s potential entry into CPTPP, to a potential exit strategy from China’s then zero-Covid policy.
I am now working in a leading Chinese media outlet Guancha.cn, focused on technology and international affairs. I had conducted interviews of many high profile figures, including former President of South Africa Thabo Mbeki in South Center at Switzerland.
I am also a project manager at Beijing Club, a new think tank dedicated to fostering international dialogue, helping organize a number of high-level forums, especially as there remains a significant gulf in understanding between China and many other countries.
As Prime Minister Albanese prepares to visit China later this year, I look forward to the opportunity to help organize forums, dialogues and interviews that can further promote sustainable and healthy engagement between China and Australia.



Yuqing Guo
Director of Investment
Shenzhen Angel FOF Management Co.,LTD
Australia National University alumna

My name is Guo Yuqing (Sunny).After returning to China in 2017, I take my advantages to actively promote the development of China and Australia, especially in the field of science and technology in the Greater Bay Area.
I actively assisted the directors of Shenzhen Angel Fund of Fund to visit investment organizations in Australia to help Australian startups land in China. I participated in roadshows held by Australia-China Innovation Center, Brisbane Accelerator, Australia-China Chamber of Commerce, etc., and gave some advice to enterprises. I am also actively involved in the Alumni Association, providing counseling and assistance to international students returning from Australia, sharing my work and industry experience, and providing many high-quality internship opportunities for Australian alumni.
Fei He
Superintendent – HR systems and Data
Rio Tinto
University of Queensland alumna

In 2023, I executed a transformative human capital project within our mining company’s data and systems department, resulting in a remarkable $32 million in cost savings. This initiative involved a meticulous analysis of vendor qualifications, optimizing vendor contracts to meet the highest standards.
In the past few years, I successfully implemented a predictive maintenance system, reducing equipment downtime by 20% and generating annual savings of $10 million. Additionally, I led a team to optimize data processing, reducing the time required for data access by 30% and achieving significant savings in valuable man-hours.
In my personal life, I have been dedicated to mentoring high school girls interested in the mining industry. I have not only helped them explore future career options but have also actively assisted them in securing valuable work experience opportunities and guiding them through university applications, ensuring they have the best chance to pursue their dreams in the mining industry.
These achievements in professional endeavours and personal mentoring have a positive impact on the current mining operations and the future of the mining industry.


Zheyuan Chen
Global Law Office 
University of Sydney alumnus

Zheyuan (Kris) Chen, a licensed attorney in China and California, USA, holds a Master’s degree in Business Law (M.B.L.) from the University of Sydney, where he graduated with distinction. He also earned a Master’s degree in Law (LL.M.) from the University of California, Berkeley, where he was a Dean’s List recipient and served as a LL.M. Ambassador. Kris received two certificates from Stanford University: one in the U.S. Intellectual Property Law Program and another in the China Guiding Case Project. He is currently an associate at the Global Law Office, specializing in intellectual property, data privacy, corporate compliance, civil and commercial dispute resolution, and various foreign-related legal matters. While working at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), he diligently upheld WIPO’s vision of “making innovation and creativity benefit everyone” and promoted global IP development. He was instrumental in events marking the 50th Anniversary of Cooperation between China and WIPO and in facilitating the first-ever official visit to China by WIPO Director General Daren Tang.
Kris was a delegate to the 12th and 13th Iteration of the Australia-China Emerging Leaders Summit (ACELS). He was the first-ever winner of the IELTS China Prize and was recognized as a Distinguished Alumni by the LLM & JD Chinese Students and Scholars Association (LLMJDCSSA). He served as a representative for the first and second terms of the Wuyuanwan North Community in Huli District, Xiamen. He holds a TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) certification. He has published several English papers on topics such as the China-U.S. trade war, international commercial arbitration, how the law facilitates renewable energy, and a comparison of commercial law between Australia and the U.S. One of his articles was excerpted and featured on the Stanford Law School’s official website.
Kris has a keen interest in solving global issues. His keynote speech on “How to Mitigate Global Warming through Law” was awarded the “2021 Best Oral Presentation Award” by Berkeley Law School. He is passionate about public welfare and has collaborated with renowned institutions including Sydney Law School, Berkeley Law School, IELTS, and BARBRI to share experiences in overseas living and study, bar examinations, and career planning. In 2023, he was entrusted to host the Admitted Students Events for Berkeley Law School in China and was invited to the British Council Annual Shine Conference to deliver a keynote speech, advocating for a better future for the global community.

陈哲远(Kris Chen),中国与美国加州执业律师,悉尼大学商法硕士、优异毕业生,加州大学伯克利分校法学硕士、院长荣誉毕业生、法学硕士大使,获斯坦福大学美国知识产权法和中国指导性案例项目证书,现供职于环球律师事务所,执业领域主要涉及知识产权、数据隐私、企业合规、民商事争议解决及各类涉外法律事务。在世界知识产权组织(WIPO)任职期间,努力践行WIPO“让创新创造惠及每一个人”的理念,致力于促进世界知识产权发展,对中国与WIPO合作50周年纪念活动、WIPO总干事邓鸿森首次正式访华等里程碑事件相关工作做出贡献。
第十二、十三届中澳青年领袖发展峰会中国青年代表,首届雅思中国奖学金得主,首届海外法律校友会杰出校友,厦门市湖里区五缘湾北社区第一、二届居民代表,拥有国际英语教师资格 (TESOL) 。发表有关中美贸易战、国际商事仲裁、法律如何促进可再生能源、澳大利亚和美国之间商法对比等数篇英文论文,并多次获奖,其中一篇被节选摘录至斯坦福大学法学院官网。
积极关注全球性问题,主题演讲“如何通过法律缓解全球变暖”被伯克利法学院授予2021年度“Best Oral Presentation Award”。热衷社会公益事业,多次与悉尼大学法学院、伯克利法学院、雅思、BARBRI等全球性机构合作,为大家分享学习成长、留学生活、律师考试、职业规划等经验故事。2023年,受托举办伯克利法学院在中国的招生宣讲活动,受邀参加英国文化教育协会(British Council)年会并发表主旨演讲,倡导共创国际社会美好未来。
Wendy Forster (Di Liu)
Senior Business Analyst
National Australia Bank
RMIT University and University of Melbourne alumna

Being a Chinese-Australian alumni means thinking and translating between two languages every day. While challenging, this experience has greatly helped my career as a Senior Business Analyst in the Australian IT Industry, translating complex business and customer requirements into actionable plans and technical requirements for my engineering teams.
Working at the National Australia Bank (NAB), I use my analytical mindset and focus on customer outcomes to drive and influence NAB’s Internet Banking, relied on by millions of Australians to conduct their banking every day. My recent achievements in this space include my work on the successful launch of the new onboarding journey in the NABTrade app, NAB’s investment platform.
During my time with Vocus and Telstra, I leveraged my position as a business analyst to guide one of the largest and successful digital transformations these companies had experienced, the totally new implementation of a Salesforce CRM platform. While this revolutionised the staff and customer experience at both companies, I also provided strategic input into fixed product cost reduction, and Belong’s successful kiosk rollout.
I’m also a firm believer in community work, recently volunteering at the Royal Melbourne Show, Thorne Harbour Health and the Alana & Madeline Foundation.
工作之余,我每年都会抽出时间来做志愿者。最近的几次分别是在皇家墨尔本展,Thorne Harbour Health健康中心,和Alana & Madeline基金会。
Yang Li
Solution Associate
McKinsey & Company
University of New South Wales alumnus


I am Yang Li, a Solution Associate at McKinsey & Company in Shanghai, specializing in the power and renewable energy sector. With a bachelor degree in Opto-electronics Engineering from Zhejiang University and a PhD in Photovoltaics and Renewable Energy from UNSW, my journey has been dedicated to this field.
After completing my education, I continued my research as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at UNSW, dedicating my efforts to pioneering research in next-generation solar cells and modules and co-founded an AI-driven solar power forecasting startup. Prior to joining McKinsey, I worked at Envision Digital as a Staff Engineer, developing advanced monitoring and analytics for solar and wind power plants.
My diverse experiences in academia, research, innovation, entrepreneurship, and consulting equip me with a versatile skill set to tackler challenges, which aligns seamlessly with my goal of making a profound impact and combating climate change.


Xiaoxiang Wang
Research Scientist
Queensland University of Technology alumnus

• Work as a research scientist at Anteotech, an esteemed publicly listed organization in Australia, I was privileged to contribute significantly to the advancement of energy storage technologies in support of Queensland’s clean energy transition and Australia’s carbon zero emission goals.
• Published over 15 high cited papers.
• Australian Nanotechnology Network (ANN) conference support award
• Postdoctoral researcher experience in QUT and USQ.
• QUT HDR High Achiever Award
• QUT Postgraduate Research Award
• QUT Tuition Fee Sponsorship
Community Achievement
• First Chinese who won both Natural bodybuilding Australia Federation pro card and won the national professional athletes competition champion (2021).
• Writing free Chinese couplets in the community to share the joy of the season with
our neighbours, promoting Chinese culture and spreading the knowledge of calligraphy during the Spring Festival.
• Fo Guang Shan Chung Tian Temple worked as a volunteer and donation.
• Work in a multicultural company and gained respect as a Chinese.

• 在澳大利亚上市公司Anteotech做富硅负极材料开发,用于快速充电锂离子电池,以遵循昆士兰州政府清洁能源转型和澳大利亚零碳排放的目标
• 高影响因子期刊上发表15篇高引文章
• 在昆士兰科技大学和南昆士兰大学担任博士后研究员。
• 澳大利亚纳米技术网络会议支持奖
• 首位同时获得2021年澳大利亚自然健美联合会全国比赛冠军,职业卡以及获得澳大利亚自然健美联合会全国职业健美比赛冠军(2021年)的中国人。
• 在社区免费写送春联福字与社区邻居分享中国传统节日的氛围喜气,借此推广中国文化并传播中国传统书法文化给社区下一代。
• 作为佛光山钟天寺的志愿者多次捐款支持。
• 在一个多元文化的公司工作,并作为中国人获得尊重。

Xinyang Liang 
General Manager 
The Drivery
Australian National University alumnus

Xinyang Liang is an alumnus of the Australian National University, where he earned a Master’s degree in Renewable Energy. After graduating, he joined The Drivery Shanghai, an innovative platform for mobility innovation, taking on the role of General Manager. Skillfully, he integrated his academic insights into practical leadership. Under his direction, the company emerged as a leader in the sustainable mobility sector, pushing forward innovative strategies in the new energy vehicle domain. He has played an instrumental role in the growth of over 30 start-ups and assisted entrepreneurial firms in raising more than 50 million RMB in venture capital. Beyond his significant contributions to green transportation and electric vehicle solutions, Liang has garnered attention for his efforts in bridging cross-cultural ties. Influenced by Australian education, he fervently promotes diversity and inclusivity, creating a vibrant environment for talents from various cultural backgrounds. He is passionate about promoting renewable energy within the Chinese community and emphasizes collaborations between The Drivery Shanghai and ANU researchers, underscoring his dual commitment to academic and industrial growth.
· Assisted more than 30 start-ups in raising more than 50 million RMB in venture capital
· Built the Drivery Shanghai for 0 to 1
· Held many industry summits with international influence
· Built a Chinese open innovation marketplace for Automotive start-ups
· Act as a bridge between Chinese and European EV market
· As the youngest general manager of the Group, assists the group in forward-looking research and development(POC), including technical research and development in the fields of autonomous driving and intelligent cockpit.
· Helped European companies to explore the Chinese market and Chinese companies to go overseas
· Maintain cooperation and exchanges with the academic team of ANU, and actively contribute to the renewable energy and vehicle electrification between China and Australia

梁欣阳是澳大利亚国立大学可再生能源硕士毕业生。完成学业后,他加入了移动出行创新平台The Drivery上海,并担任总经理。他巧妙地将学术洞察融入实践领导中。在他的领导下,该公司在可持续交通领域崭露头角,并在新能源汽车领域推动了创新策略。他助力了30多家初创公司的发展,并帮助创业公司筹集了超过5千万人民币的风险投资。除了在绿色交通和电动车创新解决方案的显著贡献外,梁欣阳还因其在桥接跨文化联系方面的努力而受到关注。受澳大利亚教育的影响,他大力支持多样性和包容性,为各种文化背景的人才创造了一个充满活力的环境。他热衷于在中国社区推广可再生能源,并强调The Drivery上海与ANU研究人员之间的合作,这凸显了他对学术和产业双重发展的承诺。

Yingzhe Zhao
Project Manager of SDG Innovation Lab
United Nations Development Programme
Australian National University alumna


Yingzhe Zhao is an international development professional dedicated to advancing shared progress on Sustainable Development. With years of experience facilitating purpose-driven change and cross-sector partnerships, Yingzhe currently develops strategies and projects at the United Nations to harness innovation and accelerate impact. Previously, she consulted with organizations including Asia Society, China Development Forum, and the City of Chicago to engage stakeholders around socioeconomic development priorities.
Since graduating in 2019, Yingzhe has led initiatives to foster public-private collaborations aimed at unlocking innovative solutions for localizing the SDGs and building impact. These efforts have included conducting 9 research studies, organizing 10 flagship events, holding 51 workshops, and establishing a 2,000 square meter Innovation Center in Chengdu. To date, these initiatives have reached over 300 million audience globally.
Named as McKinsey’s Next Generation Women Leaders of Asia Pacific and 1 of the 3 finalists for Outstanding Australian Alumni by the Australian Consulate-General, Yingzhe also served as the Impact Officer for the Global Shapers Community Chengdu Hub. Since 2022, she co-initiated and served as the Chief Innovation Officer of Global Youth Social Entrepreneurship Summit to empower young leaders driving social innovation.

Barry Yang
Senior Analyst
The Lygon Group
Australian National University

I, Barry Young, am a proud first-generation graduate from the prestigious Australian National University (ANU), where I was honoured as the Valedictorian of 2022. My journey at ANU was transformative, marked by academic excellence, community engagement, and a profound commitment to fostering international relations between Australia and China. My passion for community service led me to volunteer with local NGOs in Canberra, focusing on building resilience and providing support to those in need. Recognizing the unique challenges faced by international students, I initiated mentorship programs and established communication platforms such as WhatsApp and WeChat groups to connect ANU alumni from China, fostering a supportive and inclusive network. These platforms serve as a bridge for meaningful interactions and support between alumni and current students, ensuring the continuity of the rich legacy of ANU. My endeavours are driven by a deep sense of gratitude and a desire to contribute to the community that shaped my values and aspirations, reflecting my commitment to strengthening the bonds between Australia and China.


Bo Xu
professor, doctoral supervisor and the vice dean of the school of Gemmology
China University of Geosciences
Macquarie University alumnus

Professor Xu received his PhD from China University of Geosciences (Beijing) and Macquarie University in Australia in 2017. He is currently working as a full professor, doctoral supervisor and the vice dean of the school of Gemmology at China University of Geosciences, Beijing. He also serves as a deputy Secretary General of the China Youth Work Committee and a visiting professor at the Beijing SHRIMP Center at Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences. His research have focused on identifying and characterizing key mineralization, investigating their geological formation, and developing innovative techniques for their mining and utilization. He has greatly contributed to the development of sustainable mining practices and the enhancement of the global key minerals supply chains. He has 25 high-quality research papers including 4 highly cited papers as the first author and corresponding author and serves on the associate editor of Ore Geology Reviews, editorial board member of Modern Geology and Geological Sciences. Professor Xu is an investigator of over 10 research projects including two National Natural Science Foundation of China as CI, two National Key R&D Plan as PI, and one China Association for Science and Technology Youth Talent Promotion Program as CI. In 2022, he received support from the National Excellent Youth Science Foundation.

许博教授于2017年获中国地质大学(北京)和澳大利亚麦考瑞大学博士学位。优秀青年基金获得者,中国科协青年人才工程获得者。现任中国地质大学宝石学院教授,博士生导师及副院长, 同时担任中国地质学会青年工作委员会副秘书长及北京离子探针中心客座教授。许博教授的研究工作主要集中在识别和表征关键矿化,调查其地质构,并开发其开采和利用的创新技术,为可持续采矿实践的发展和全球主要矿产供应链的加强做出了巨大贡献。他以第一作者和通讯作者身份发表高质量的研究论文23篇,其中高被引论文4篇,并担任《Ore Geology Reviews》期刊的副主编以及《现代地质》和《地质科学》期刊编委。许教授主持了十余项科研项目,其中包括两个国家自然科学基金项目,两个国家重点研发计划项目。