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2020 Australia China Alumni Award for Research and Science

Australia China Alumni Award for Research & Science

This award recognises alumni who have contributed to the development of research and science which has made a significant impact on the Australia-China community.

All nominees are expected to have advanced current knowledge in a particular field, through significant research or scientific work in an academic, corporate or technological setting.

A nominee’s achievements can span all fields of study and work (for example, sciences, technology, medicine, or academic research).

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Changjun Bao



Dan Hu


Cuncun WuWINNER of Judges’ Citation


Jianguo Zhang


Yang Zhao



Prof. Changjun Bao

Senior Epidemiologist and Chief of Department, Jiangsu Province Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (JSCDC)

Griffith University Alumnus

Nanjing based

Prof Changjun Bao, chief of the Department of Acute Infectious Disease Control and Prevention in Jiangsu Provincial CDC, has been a public health scientist combining his expertise in epidemiology, zoonotic infectious diseases, and strategic leadership to prevent and control pandemics. Through SARS, H1N1, H7N9, and COVID-19 outbreaks, Bao has been there, directing and managing these emergencies to safeguard Jiangsu people’s health. When China was shocked by the speed and scale of COVID-19 transmission, Bao promptly led his team to research, plan and implement ways to block transmission. Bao’s meticulous technical guidelines, decisive and timely response measures, crowds monitoring breakthrough technologies, thorough contact tracing and early treatment have resulted in an outstanding COVID-19 response for Jiangsu that has, as of 10 September, 665 confirmed cases, zero deaths, and a remarkably speedy societal recovery within two months. Nicknamed ‘Superman’ by his colleagues, due to his non-stop work ethic since the pandemic started in January 2020, Bao was honoured a top-ten anti-epidemic employee by Jiangsu Government and featured on the cover of China’s Xian Dai Kuai Bao magazine. He has published over twenty papers in highly reputable international journals. Bao’s achievements have won him numerous national and provincial medical science and technology awards. 


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Dr. Dan Hu

Deputy General Secretary, Chinese Association for Australian Studies

Deputy Director, Australian Studies Centre of Beijing Foreign Studies University

Western Sydney University Alumna

Beijing based

Dr. Dan Hu teaches and researches at the Australian Studies Centre of Beijing Foreign Studies University, where she works as Deputy Director. As a testament to educational partnerships, she completed a PhD at Western Sydney University under a staff-enhancement agreement between WSU and BFSU. She is also Associate at the Centre for Contemporary Chinese Studies, University of Melbourne.

Dan offers China’s only university course featuring Australian economy and economic relations with China and serves as Deputy General Secretary of the Chinese Association for Australian Studies. She is Deputy Chief Editor of the Australia Blue Book and sits on the editorial board of the International Australian Studies Association’s Journal of Australian Studies.

Dan has diverse interests in foreign investment, education export, media, polling and wine trade, with four ACC/FASIC grants. She launched China’s first Australia poll in June, co-founded the Education Research Collective, and launched annual education and economic forums. She is a regular speaker/commentator with bilateral events, including all three youth dialogues (CAMP, ACYD and ACELS). She was  a delegate to the 2018 China-Australia High Level Dialogue.

Dan sits on NPC’s Board of Experts, advising on the English version of laws passed at the national legislature. She is a Mentor with Australian Embassy’s Mentor Walks and Learning China (Beijing). She worked as a volunteer teacher in Xinjiang and has translated four volumes of children stories of ethnic groups.



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WINNER of Judges’ Citation

Prof. Cuncun Wu

Professor, and Head of School of Chinese, The University of Hong Kong

University of Melbourne Alumna

Hong Kong based

After graduating with a PhD in Chinese Studies from the University of Melbourne in 2004, Professor Cuncun Wu taught in the Chinese program at the University of New England, moving in 2010 to take up a position as associate professor at the University of Hong Kong’s School of Chinese. Now Professor of Traditional Chinese Literature, and in her second three-year term as Head of School, she has played a transformative role in establishing the School’s reputation as a hub of international scholarship.

A Fellow of the Hong Kong Academy of Humanities, Professor Wu is committed to opening the richness of the humanities to the Hong Kong public, establishing a new Hong Kong Studies program. An advocate for the social and intellectual benefits of diversity in history, Professor Wu is one of the first cultural historians in China to investigate questions of gender and sexuality in late-imperial and early modern literature. Mining forgotten archives and developing new procedures, her research expands understanding of China’s history beyond elite cultural production – a cornerstone in her work to inspire young men and women to see what previous generations of historians have missed.

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Dr. Jianguo Zhang

WEHI-Asia Program Manager, The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research

University of Melbourne Alumnus

Melbourne based

Jian-Guo Zhang is currently the WEHI-Asia Program Manager at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research (WEHI). He obtained his PhD degree from the University of Melbourne in 1993. He came to Australia from China in 1988 and was enrolled as a PhD student in the Department of Biochemistry at the University of Melbourne. He conducted his PhD project at the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research for the next 4 years and was recruited to WEHI as a research scientist after graduation in 1993. He was appointed as the WEHI-Asia Program Manager in May this year. He enjoys walking, photography, and listening to music. Having worked as a member of multiple national and international multidisciplinary research teams at WEHI, he values the importance of collaboration and teamwork. He strongly believes that collaboration and teamwork are fundamental to finding solutions to complicated problems.

Having spent his first 26 years in China and 32 years in Australia, he understands and appreciates the cultures and values of both nations. He is passionate about facilitating the collaboration between Australia and China and believes that everyone has a role to play in promoting a healthy and collaborative relationship between the two countries.

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Dr. Yang Zhao

Senior Research Fellow, Beijing Representative Office, The George Institute for Global Health

University of Melbourne Alumnus

Beijing based

Dr Yang Zhao is currently a multimorbidity epidemiologist and Senior Research Fellow at The George Institute for Global Health China. He is also an Honorary Research Fellow at the World Health Organization Collaborating Centre. As the acting head for the Women & Children’s Health program, he has hosted and participated in the 1000 days m-health project, the Save the Children International project, and several projects funded by Australia and the European Union. He has more than 40 scientific publications in high-quality journals (Lancet Global Health, Age and Ageing), with a cumulative impact factor 160+.

Working together with researchers from Harvard University, his studies have identified key health challenges in China and helped to quantify China’s multiple chronic disease burden as COVID-19 places even more pressure on the country’s health system. The outstanding findings have been reported globally by the Universities, top journal, and Australian and Chinese media, such as The PURSUIT, China Daily and China Science Daily. A specific comment from The Lancet Global Health described, “Dr Zhao and colleagues have contributed new knowledge that will assist with improving health system reform to promote healthy ageing and reduce inequities for China and low-income and middle income countries.” He has received the Melbourne Research Award and Outstanding Publication Award. He also served as a board member of the Melbourne China Study Association committee and a fellow of the International Society of Global Health.

赵洋博士,慢病流行病学家,任职于澳大利亚乔治全球健康研究院高级研究员,妇幼健康项目部负责人,世界卫生组织慢病研究合作中心研究员。自2012年,他主持和参与国际救助儿童会,澳大利亚及欧盟等资助的慢病课题多项。发表学术论文40余篇,累计影响因子达160. 他与哈佛大学等同行合作,研究并首次量化了中国多重慢病的经济负担及对卫生体系的挑战。其杰出成果被国际顶级期刊、《PURSUIT》《中国日报》和《中国科学报》等澳中媒体广泛报道。《柳叶刀-全球健康》专评中指出:该研究的创新性发现有助于健康老龄化和改善卫生服务公平性,对中低收入国家深化医疗卫生体系改革具有重要意义。赵博士还任国际全球健康学会会员、墨尔本大学中国研究会秘书长等。

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