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2019 Young Australia China Alumni of the Year Award

Young Australia China Alumni of the Year Award

This award is open to all alumni who are not yet 35 years old and are involved in fields of employment, community service or voluntary work.

All nominees should demonstrate integrity, initiative and innovation and be on a fast trajectory to leadership in their field.

This award recognises the achievements of our young alumni and celebrates their outstanding talent, accomplishments, and the contributions they have made to the wider Australia-China community. 

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Ms Lijun Chen


Ms Shujuan Wang


Mr Yi Xiao


Ms Susan Zhang



Ms Lijun Chen
    Manager of United Family Healthcare corporate Center for Disaster and Emergency Medicine Education
    Canberra University Alumna
    Shanghai Based

As a healthcare provider and training instructor, Ms Lijun Chen established mutual American Heart ssociation Authorized life support training system in Shanghai United Family Hospital, which developed 10 certified AHA instructors in the past 5 years and have approximate 300 healthcare providers trained in basic life support, advanced cardiovascular life support and pediatric advanced life support training annually in additional to run basic first Aid, CPR and AED courses for more than 1,000 lay rescuers ( 65% expats / mainly focused on consulates and chambers, 35% local citizens) in North Asia.

She actively engaged in various social activities:

    • Organized the 1st Advanced Trauma Life Support training (the 10th edition) by American College of Surgeons in Greater China in 2019.
    • Hosted the 1st United Family Healthcare International Trauma Summit in 2019.
    • Lead Health-Safety (including basic urgent care) Section for 100 YCIS, YWIES and YWIEK teachers on the YCIS 85th Anniversary Conference in 2018.  
    • University of Canberra-East China University of Science and Technology Joint IMBA program – Excellent Social Work Award.
    • Developed emergency medicine residency visiting program between UFH and New York Institute of Technology in 2017.
    • Lead emergency medicine residency visiting program MOU between UFH and University of Toledo in 2016.
    • Collaborated with Han Hong Love Foundation for “100 Clinicians support Guizhou” Medical Aid Charity Program.
    • University of Canberra 2015 freshman scholarship Award.
    • Lead the children’s safety events to Girl Scout Troops in Shanghai from 2015 to 2016.
    • Provided medical support on Shanghai Rolex Tennis Masters from 2014 to 2016.
    • Volunteered the First Aid project in France Pavilion during 2010 World EXPO.

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Ms Shujuan Wang
    Executive Director of Chuanshen Agricultural Product Development Co.Ltd
    Deakin University Alumna
    Guangyuan Based

I‘m Shujuan Wang, executive director of Chuanshen Agricultural Product Development Co.Ltd, which is devoted to create and promote honey product made by Chinese bee.

My business started back in 2009, right after the massive earthquake in 2008, as one of the towns which took major damage in this disaster, my hometown Qingchuan county is deeply wounded, this is one reason which motived me to go back home and start this business. After 2 years operation, in order to have better development, I decided to go to Melbourne for self-improvement in 2011, and in 2013 I received my master degree of communication from Deakin University. Right after graduation, I went back home continue my business. This study journey gave me a lot, not only professional information, but also first-hand information and real market research in field, all of which benefitted me a lot.

In 2014, I’m honored to be invited as one of the representatives to attend Alibaba NYSE enlisting event as a bell-ringer, which changed my life quite a lot.

One of my initial intention to start my business is to do what I can to help my hometown rebuild and recover. So I had no hesitation to begin my charity career as I was starting my business. For the last 11 years, as one of the local charity leaders, I cooperated with Alibaba group and other companies and organizations, and organized over 64 times of charity events, which mainly target local rural household, leftover elders and children who suffered from poverty, over 1100 people involved in those events.

These were, and will continue be the two major goals of my life, I’m so proud to be an Alumni, the journey taught me a lot; I’m so proud of what I’m doing, and I’m glad to share my story with you!

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Mr Yi Xiao
    Founder Partner, All in Capital
    Adelaide University Alumnus
    Beijing Based

After returning to China in 2014, Mr Yi Xiao founded All-in Capital to help the founders of the medium and early-stage projects take the first step and share entrepreneurial and investment experiences with entrepreneurs who need help through multi-dimensional service models such as project investment-resource introduction-capital docking-post-investment service.

As of mid-2019, there were more than 300 medium and early-stage projects had been invested and served, and 80% of the projects had received government funding through the docking of All-in Capital. More than 50% of the medium and early-stage projects received the next round of financing. In the post-investment service, we have helped many excellent projects to get orders from state-owned enterprises or obtain investment from state-owned capital.

In addition, I was hired as a business mentor by nearly 20 universities and market-oriented business schools like Heilongjiang University, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, KAB Business School of The Central Committee of the Communist Youth League , QingKe Group, and CYZONE, and Communicating the latest and most market-based entrepreneurial experiences and ideas to more entrepreneurs who need help.

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Winner of 2019 Young Australia China Alumni of the Year Award

Ms Susan Zhang

    Founder & General Partner, Dragon TIS
    University of Wollongong Alumna
    Beijing Based

From an international student at UOW to a global knowledge leader, from a software engineer to a creative technologist at Google Sydney and a director at ByteDance in Beijing, from an introvert to a TEDx speaker and a Vivid Sydney panelist, from an Australian delegate of the G20 YEA to an explorer across Antarctica to the South Pole, the only constant in my life is change. 

At Google Sydney, I led innovative projects to help global companies using ‘AI first’ approach and Data-Driven Creative solutions, to manage global campaign launches with creative agencies using highly advanced custom-made solutions for programmatic advertising.

As Technology Evangelist for China Australia Millennial Project, I utilized my technology experiences to forge lasting cross-cultural connections and activate future-focused solutions through transcending borders, empowering millennial talent and being an enabler of diverse global networks across Australia and China.

Curiosity and continuous learning motivate me to move up and on. I will continue to embrace challenges and explore Life Outside My Comfort Zone. 

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