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The Australian Ambassador to China is honored to be the Patron of the ACAA and support the 2017 Australian Ambassador’s Alumni Award for Women in Leadership. The visibility of female role models and alumni, like the finalists for the Australian Ambassador’s Alumni Award for Women in Leadership, is essential to inspire the next generation of female leaders.

For more information on the Australian Global Alumni Network and Strategy, please visit globalalumni.gov.au or email chinaalumni@dfat.gov.au.

The Australian Trade and Investment Commission – Austrade– is the Australian Government’s trade, investment and education promotion agency. Through a global network of offices,Austradeassists Australian companies to grow their international business, attracts productive foreign direct investment into Australia and promotes Australia’s education sector internationally. Austradedelivers international marketing and promotion services to the Australian education sector. This includes positioning Australian education through the international education brand, Future Unlimited. Future Unlimited highlights the global relevance, practicality and quality of Australian institutions, along with their innovation, creativity and focus on the future.

KINGOLD Group, established in the early 1990s, is a foreign-funded group enterprise approved by the Chinese Government. It is headquartered in Guangzhou, and its core businesses are real estate, hospitality, education, finance, health, and media. It operates in China in the Pearl River Delta, and in Australia in Sydney and Brisbane, and there are plans to expand internationally. The Group employs over 8,000 people.

In recognition of KINGOLD’s growing influence and rising reputation, the Group was awarded the “Star of the 100 Overseas Chinese Enterprises” by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of China’s State Council. The Group’s commitment to corporate social responsibility has been recognized with awards for being the “Most Socially Responsible Company” and one of the “Most Influential Enterprises in Guangdong Province” by the Guangdong Provincial People’s Government.

At ETS, we advance quality and equity in education for people worldwide by creating assessments based on rigorous research. ETS serves individuals, educational institutions and government agencies by providing customized solutions for teacher certification, English language learning, and elementary, secondary and postsecondary education, and by conducting education research, analysis and policy studies.

Founded as a nonprofit in 1947, ETS develops, administers and scores more than 50 million tests annually — including the TOEFL® and TOEIC ® tests, the GRE ® tests and The Praxis Series ®assessments — in more than 180 countries, at over10,000 locations worldwide.The TOEFL® test of academic English is the most widely respected English-language assessment worldwide, recognized by more than 10,000 institutions in more than 130 countries, including Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States. To date, more than 30 million students have taken the TOEFL® test.

AIDE was established in Melbourne in 1996. It is one of the most historical and influential transnational education, visa and investment consulting service organizations.

We are dedicated to establishing a one-stop professional consultation service platform connecting the upstream and downstream of the international education industry. We focus on our clients’ needs, provide competitive education and visa solutions and services, and continuously create the best value for our clients.Currently, we are providing a wide range of services, including transnational education, study-tours, study in overseas, visa applications, investment consultation etc. to meet our clients’individual requests and needs. AIDE has unique resources advantages and top professional quality in providing Transnational Education solutions for education providers, planning comprehensive overseas study/education, applying for student enrolment with a wide range of Australian schools and universities, off-shore student visa applications, etc.

AIDE has close working relationship with the Victorian Government. We have been successfully running nearly twenty VCE (Victorian Certificate of Education) Â programs which have significantly promoted the education cultural communication and understanding between China and Australia. AIDE has in-depth cooperation with almost 30 government education departments / authorities at various levels both in China and Australia, 57 famous universities worldwide and more than 300 educational institutes. We are well-recognized and receive appraisals by our cooperating educational institutes and universities.

KE JIA (INT’L) INVESTMENT LIMITED  is an investment company formed by overseas Chinese and many well-known companies in China. It also united a large number of well-known large-scale investment and financial enterprises. KE JIA’s main areas of investment and operation involve urban infrastructure construction, tourism, real estate development, high-tech (biology, agriculture, environmental protection, machinery, energy and other science and technology), hotel industry, water conservancy, electricity, energy and transportation, IT industry, art collection and investment, auction, etc.