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2021 Australian Ambassador’s Award for Women in Leadership

Australian Ambassador’s Award for Women in Leadership

This award is designed to celebrate and honour a woman who not only inspires others but has also proven herself a leader in her field. 

Opened to female alumni only, nominees may come from any sector, including business, government, non-profit and academia and should have demonstrated a commitment to the Australia-China community in China.

All nominees should have made significant strides and accomplishments in their work life, either in the public or private sector.

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Yaxi Zhan
Amy Wong
Qin Wang Saw Gin Toh
Wei Tang Angela Ng Haiyan Li Judy Hendricks
Ms Yaxi Zhan | 战亚希 女士 ACAA COMMENDATION

Curtin University

Managing Director , Accelerate Resources Limited



Yaxi is the Founder and Managing Director of Accelerate Resources Limited, an ASX listed resource company with multiple mining and resource projects in Western Australia.
She graduated from Curtin University with a Master’s Degree in Accounting in 2006,  fast-tracked her career from an entry level role to the senior management accountant role in just under 5 years.
As a young Asian female, with a non-technical back ground, she felt that she reached the glass ceiling, and wasn’t getting further opportunities . However she was determined to progress her career, and had the vision of creating a company that was:
1. Employment of choice, and
2. Investment of choice, and
3. Profitable.
In 2012, She decided to start her own business, linking Chinese investment with Australian based projects. The business branched out into an operational focused Gemstone mining and trading company.
After 5 years operating in the private space, in 2017,  she formed Accelerate Resources Ltd, a junior Exploration company,  and led the company to be publicly listed on the ASX in 2018.
She has been passionate about the mining industry from the get-go of her career. Working in the boardroom or the red dirt of WA is all part of Yaxi’s experience. She is decisive and dedicated when working on projects, selecting mines, and negotiate with other stakeholders; and still generous and considerate when managing the team.
Working in a traditionally male dominated industry is challenging for a female, especially for Chinese female students who are trying to find their feet in a foreign county. Yaxi’s story inspires others to achieve and exceed their career goals and have the courage to create more unique success stories.
战亚希是 Accelerate Resources 创始人及执行董事经理。公司以矿产资源开发为主, 在澳洲主板上市,股票代码为 Ax8。
5年的努力,她从最初的实习会计逐步进入到管理层。之后又进入资源公司做商业拓展顾问。2012年初,在一个由男性主导的行业里,经历了事业上的低谷, 她决定创业。

从国际并购开始,她逐渐转型到澳洲玉石的开采和进出口出口。 创业5年中,她从办公室白领到矿山小工, 从项目筛选到开发,运输,后期加工,产品定位宣传,她一步一个脚印的走来。
2017年3月,她成立了Accelerate Resources Limited。从创建董事会,到探寻矿源机会,到路演吸引投资,准备上市,她都走在第一线。在不到12个月内,在她的带领下与团队的共同努力,公司成功的在澳洲股票交易市场主板上市。如今作为Accelerate Resources的执行董事,在做项目、筛矿和谈判时,她坚决果断;在管理团队时,她仁慈细腻。四年多来,她一直对公司的未来发展充满热情,不断地努力。

Ms Amy Wong | 王丽芳 女士 WINNER

University of Technology Sydney
Group Treasurer
ITOCHU Minerals & Energy of Australia Pty Ltd
澳大利亚伊藤忠矿业能源 (IMEA) 子公司的集团财务长


I am quite active in my spare time and I like to feel I am developing personally and professionally. I enjoy keeping fit. Whilst I am not fitness obsessed, keeping fit helps me to maintain a positive mindset and it helps my concentration levels whilst at work. I enjoy reading, and I usually have a good book on the go. I enjoy gardening and it also helps to improve mental wellbeing.  I like spending time with family and travelling to a different part of the world. I have been to 36 countries so far and like to explore different cultures.  This also help me to relax. And it’s important I give them some of my spare time as they always support me in my work, and they encourage me with my career aspirations and goals.
Amy Wong, FCPA, Chartered Accountant and HKCPA, is currently Head of Group Treasury in subsidiary of Japanese Trading House Fortune 500 ITOCHU Minerals & Energy of Australia (IMEA). Her prime responsibility managing the company liquidity risk, financial risk, banking relationships, FX exposure and working capital. IMEA is an extensive diversified mining investment company based in Sydney with joint venture business with mining giant BHP and Glencore. IMEA comprises 12 companies and 20 joint ventures in Iron ore, coal, non-ferrous metals and aluminium with an annual turnover of A$3.2B and net profit of A$1.193B in the year 2020. Prior to this role, Accountancy had taken Amy to many different sectors over the past 20 years, including Banking – Import and Export – Hospitality – and Investment across disciplines included Financial Reporting – Audit – Transactions – Funds Management and Credit Risk Management.
Amy joined IMEA 16 years ago as a Senior Manager, when the company was restructuring, arising out of the transfer of the mining assets ownership from the Japanese parent company to the newly created subsidiary.  Amy grew with the company and her role rose rapidly from Accounting Manager to one of the most senior Finance roles by 2011. IMEA has grown significantly during this period recording the Turnover and Profit figures listed above. This ranks it No. 5 for return on Assets in Australia’s top 100 Companies. In changes most recently she has led the implementation of the Group’s Accounting Architecture and reporting system to cover 5 Business Units – 12 companies and 20 Joint Ventures leading to the improvement of the operating and reporting efficiency of the Group. Increased Cash Flow by 20% by developing and implementing centralised cash management system leading to more effectively managing the Group cash flow.
Since the beginning of her career her hallmark has been to seek and progress career improvement. If she sees a better way – she implements it. Amy says the most satisfying part of her job has been seeing projects through from concept to fruition. Her greatest career challenge has been balancing the growth of her career with her role of wife and Mum. While quick to point out there is a tangible impact on the bottom line when women are underutilised, Amy also appreciates the real work obstacles women face. Outside work Amy is involved in a number of Charity events to help the less fortunate.
Amy Wong,澳大利亚注册公共高级会计师, 特许会计师和香港会计师公会会员。目前是世界财富500强企业日本贸易公司澳大利亚伊藤忠矿业能源(IMEA)子公司的集团财务长。她的主要职责是管理公司资金流动风险、财务风险、银行关系、外汇风险调控和资金营运。

IMEA由12家公司和20家合资企业组成,涉及铁矿石、煤炭、有色金属和铝矿,2020年集团营业额为32亿澳元,净利润约12亿澳元。在担任此职务之前过去十数年间,会计专业将她带入许多不同的行业,包括银行, 进出口业务
Amy 于16年前加入IMEA担任高级会计经理,当时该公司因矿业资产所有权从日本母公司转移到新成立的子公司而进行重组。到2011年她从高级会计经理迅速晉升为高级财务核心角色之一。
IMEA在此期间迅速成长, 登上澳大利亚100強企业中資产回报率(ROA)名列第五的企业。在近几年里她领导了重组集团的会计架构和报告系统,涵盖5个业务部门12家公司和20家合资企业,从而提高了集团的运营和报告效率。通过开发和实施集中现金管理系统,使现金流量增加了
自她的职业生涯开始以来,她的理念是寻求和实行自我增值。在工作上如果她看到了更好的方法就会全力付诸实施。Amy说她工作中最令人满意的部分是从概念到实行的过程。她最大的挑战是在职业发展,妻子和妈妈角色之间取得平衡,女性在职场上会面临更大的挑战,Amy 在这种挑战中获取工作滿足感。工作之余,Amy 参与多项慈善活动藉此帮助社会弱勢群体。

Ms Airing Wang | 王沁 女士

Macquarie University
Head of Marketing- China
PharmaCare Laboratories



I am a global experienced business leader with proven record to establish Australia- China export and achieve the scalable growth up to speed in consumer health category. With 15 years experiences in leading multinational FMCG and pharmaceutical companies, I thrive to drive the market growth with creative and insightful marketing campaigns and NPD across APAC regions.
I care about people and health. Many of our company brands including Nature’s Way, Kids Smart, Sambucol are the favourite consumer health brands trusted by millions of households around the world. I am passionate about a healthy lifestyle and proud of what I am doing to bringing high quality health products to nurture the families in global markets.
I am a strong believer of gender equality and demonstrate female leadership as a dynamic head of marketing in the leading Australia pharmaceutical company. At PharmaCare, we respect a culture of diversity and inclusion to drive the innovations as a pioneer of our industry. To develop the team of high achieving marketing and regulatory affairs talents from multicultural background, I advocate leading by example and grow the person within the organization to achieve their full potential.

我关心健康, 以人为本。我们公司的许多品牌,包括 Nature’s Way,Kids Smart,Sambucol,都是深受全球数百万家庭信赖的健康营养品牌。我热衷于健康的生活方式,并为我的工作能够为全球家庭带来高品质的健康产品而感到自豪。
我提倡性别平等,作为女性领导者,在澳大利亚本土领先的保健品集团公司担任市场总监。在 PharmaCare,我们尊重多元化和包容性,用开阔的视野为行业推陈出新。为了培养具有多元文化背景的职业人才,我提倡以身作则,并在给与内部员工更多的机会,让他们充分发挥潜能。

Ms Saw Gin Toh | 杜素盈 女士

RMIT University 
Managing Partner
Incite Consulting (The Growth Division at MediaCom China)
Incite Consulting (竞立媒体中国)


SawGin leads Incite Consulting, a new business growth consultancy unit embedded within MediaCom China. This new unit launch in July 2020 which SawGin conceived, developed and established, is a game changer for the agency, positioned MediaCom locally and globally higher up the value chain and changed the nature of the company’s conversations with clients. It sets a new industry standard for how clients and agencies work together in China. This growth consultancy division was a media industry first for China and a first for our parent company GroupM globally.

Previously, SawGin managed the insights function at MediaCom China and consistently demonstrated her ability to uncover differentiated insights that elevated strategic planning efforts and informed provocative thought leadership.

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated a trend already identified by SawGin: clients are increasingly asking broader business questions of their agency partners as the China market has become more competitive, dynamic and complex. And while many of our clients’ growth challenges fell outside the typical media agency scope, SawGin knew that we had the data intelligence and capabilities to provide real solutions.

Today, SawGin leads business conversations with senior clients as the managing partner and a board member of Incite Consulting.

在竞立媒体中国(MediaCom China),SawGin 领导着 Incite Consulting,这 是一个全新的业务发展咨询部门。这个由 SawGin 构思,开发和建立的部门于 2020 年 7 月推出,它作为公司游戏规则改变者,使竞立媒体在本地和全球的价值链上处 于更高的位置,并且改变了公司与客户对话的性质。它为客户和机构在中国的合作 方式树立了新的行业标准。此发展咨询部门是中国媒体行业的第一个,也是我们母 公司群邑集团在全球的第一个。

在此之前,SawGin 在竞立媒体中国(MediaCom China)中管理 Insight 部 门,并在工作期间始终如一地展现了她发掘差异化洞察的能力,这些洞察提升了战 略规划能力和启发性的思想领导力。

COVID-19 疫情的影响加速了 SawGin 此前发现的一个趋势:随着中国市场的竞 争日益激烈、更动态和复杂,客户正越来越多地向他们的代理伙伴提出更广泛的业 务问题。虽然我们客户的许多增长挑战超出了典型的媒体代理范围,但 SawGin 知 道我们有数据情报和能力来提供真正的解决方案。

如今,SawGin 作为 Incite Consulting 的管理合伙人和董事会成员,领导着 与高级客户的商业对话。

Ms Wei Tang | 唐玮 女士

James Cook University
Administrative Principal
Beanstalk International Bilingual School


My name is April Tang, from Tianjin China, I studied in James Cook University Australia (Singapore campus) in 2010-2012 for my MBA degree, after I graduated from JCU, I had a great honor to service my university from 2010 – 2014 as Executive Student Management role and I returned back to China Beijing by 2014. Since then, I worked in International education industry till now, in 2019, due to promotion, I was transferred to become a part of the start-up senior management team for a new BIBS campus with a 3 months lead time between beginning the project and opening the campus mid-semester. We were faced with the challenge of the pandemic 4 months into opening, yet despite this, our enrollment continued to grow due to our strong culture, vision, stakeholder relationship management and excellence in online program delivery.

As a key leader in the senior management team & project management for start-up campus, I have been involved in all areas including construction design/renovation, operations, marketing & admissions. As a key achievement, our roll growth from 12 students on opening October 2019, to 360 students enrolled in 2021-2022 academic year: staff growth from 4 to 120 by end 2021-2022.
我的名字叫April Tang,来自中国天津,2010-2012年我在澳大利亚詹姆斯库克大学(新加坡校区)攻读MBA学位,从JCU毕业后,我很荣幸在2010-2014年为我的大学服务,担任学生服务职位,2014年我返回中国北京。从那时起,我一直在国际教育行业工作到现在,2019年,由于晋升,我被调任为青苗学校新校区创校团队一员,从项目开始到学期开学,我们只有3个月的准备时间,开学4个月后,校区就面临了全球新冠的挑战,但尽管如此,由于我们强大的价值观、文化、愿景等卓越表现,我们在全球新冠的恶劣环境下学生人数从2019年10月开学时的12人增加到2021学年的360人;在职员工人数从4人增加到120人,而我作为初创校园高级管理团队和项目管理的主要领导者,有幸参与了众多领域包括工程、建筑设计、改造、运营、市场和招生。

Ms Angela Ng
Macquarie University
National Nutritionist
A J Green & Wellness Consultancy Limited


Hong Kong
Education and Award
•       Honorary PhD, Burkes University, England
•       Ehrenmedaille of Gold, Austrian Albert Schweitzer Society (OSAG)
•       Guest lecturer, The Vienna University of Economics and Business, Vienna, Austria
•       Advisor, Management and Marketing Department, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, China Hong Kong
•       MBA, Macquarie University, Australia.
•       Vice chancellor and president’s circle- Asia, Macquarie University, Australia
•       Macquarie Alumni Award, Macquarie University, Australia.
•       Honorary Advisor, Worldwide Alumni Alliance of American Universities

•       英國Burkes大學榮譽哲學博士
•       奥地利史懷哲獎特別金獎
•       奥地利維也納經濟及商業大學客席講師
•       香港理工大學管理及市場部名譽顧問
•       澳洲麥格理大學工商管理碩士
•       澳洲麥格理大學副校長及校長朋友圈名單(亞洲)
•       澳洲麥格理大學國際舊生特別獎
•       美國大學全球同學聯盟名譽顧問

Ms Haiyan Li | 李海燕 女士

Curtin University
Vice President, Hyalroute Communication Group


Cambodia based
A motivational and accomplished senior executive officer with over 16 years’ track record in developing and managing new ventures and driving strategic partnerships. She liaised closely with over 20 Ministers in both Cambodia and Myanmar to develop national telecommunication network for the country’s social and economic development. Working in a sector which is still close to 90 per cent male-dominated, she has often found herself the only woman in meetings and leadership groups. She has, though, always made a point of speaking up and willingly accepts a responsibility for mentoring female colleagues and encouraging them to aim higher. Her major achievement includes:
Emerging Market Leadership Award 2020
l MOA with Telecom of Cambodia 2020
l Intranet Project with Ministry of Economic and Finance , the Kingdom of Cambodia 2019
l National Project with The Ministry of Transport and Communications, Republic of the Union of Myanmar  (First Foreign Investment Project with the Ministry of Transport and Communications after the government reform) 2012
l 亚洲新兴市场领导力奖 2020
l 草拟并达成柬埔寨电信合作备忘录 2020
l 牵头并交付柬埔寨财经部财经专网项目 2019
l 负责并交付缅甸通信部国家干线网项目 2012

Ms Judy Hendricks | 吉京霞 女士 JUDGE’S COMMENDATION

University of Technology Sydney
Executive Director, Australia Asia Executive Center


With a background in journalism, Judy migrated to Australia in the 1990’s as an international student.
Since then, she has established an impressive 21-year long career in banking and finance, where she primarily focused on servicing tens and thousands of SME businesses as a business banker.

Using her expertise in providing business owners with trusted financial solutions, Judy successfully co-founded and launched an international training business that delivers cross-cultural executive training, consulting, and tailored business solutions to startups, SME’s, and government agencies.

Currently, Judy is an “Access to Finance” Business Advisor for the NSW Government Business Connect program and continues her support to SME business owners, helping them meet financial goals and drive business growth.

Over the last ten years, Judy has committed to sharing her knowledge and expertise, contributing her time and efforts to giving back to our community. She consistently uses volunteer work as one of the main channels to engage with the community and deliver meaningful initiatives such as initiating and organizing Chinese New Year Celebration events for the Chinese community and artists.

Judy firmly believes that education forms the foundation for success in life. Thus she has dedicated her time to mentoring and coaching hundreds of international students and helping them enhance their future employability and accelerate a professional career. 

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Judy has hosted regular large-scale, cross-border events and was invited to sit on the judging panel of several Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competitions held in Australia and China. 

Notably, Judy was awarded “Outstanding Contribution to the City of Willoughby” by the Mayor of Willoughby City Council, Gail Giles-Gidney, due to her ongoing commitments and support in cross-cultural understanding and collaboration.

Furthermore, Judy is an Accredited Mental Health First Aider by The MHFA Australia. She is also a graduate of UTS, Australian Institute of Company Directors and Asialink Leaders Program, run by the University of Melbourne.
 Judy 于 1990 年代作为国际留学生移民到澳大利亚。从那时起,她在银行和金融领域建立了长达 21 年的令人印象深刻的职业生涯,为数以万计的中小企业提供服务,为企业主提供值得信赖的金融解决方案。
凭借她的金融专业知识和新闻背景,Judy 成功地共同创立并启动了澳亚高管中心,为出海企业、中小企业和政府机构提供跨文化高管培训、咨询和量身定制的业务解决方案。Judy现在还担任新南威尔士州政府Business Connect Program的”金融业务顾问,继续支持中小企业主,帮助他们实现财务目标并推动业务增长。
Judy 一直重视为中澳社区做服务,贡献她的时间和精力,分享她的经验和专业知识。她为华人社区和艺术家发起和组织农历新年和中秋庆祝活动,辅导过数百名国际留学生,尤其是中国留学生,帮助他们得到工作实习机会,扩展社交圈,提高就业能力。在 Covid 疫情之前,她定期举办跨境活动,多次受邀担任在澳大利亚和中国举办的多项创新和创业大赛的评委。
Judy 是澳大利亚 MHFA 认可的心理健康急救员。她毕业于悉尼科技大学、澳大利亚公司董事协会和由墨尔本大学开设的 Asialink 领导者项目。