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2021 CPA Australia China Alumni Award for Corporate Achievement

CPA Australia China Alumni Award for Corporate Achievement

This award celebrates alumni who have made significant accomplishments within a corporate environment across all industry sectors.  

A nominee’s achievements can span an entire career or can be a single outstanding accomplishment, with outcomes that not only advanced the performance of her or his organization but also developed an internal company culture. 

It seeks to recognise both established and emerging commercial leaders, all of whom should have been able to demonstrate leadership ability, a flair for her or his field, and a passion for corporate social responsibility.

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Calvin ChoyKen IpNelson RenFrank Tonna
Peter Xiao
Margarita Yao Alex ZhangChenggang Zhou
Mr Calvin Choy | 蔡立正 先生

University of South Australia alumnus

Head of Hybrid Cloud Systems, Hong Kong & Macau
Oracle Systems Hong Kong Limited

Hong Kong based

I have graduated with a BBA, MBA and Graduate Professional Diploma in eBusiness. Currently I am taking Master of Science, Data Analytics and will be graduated in 2022.

Over 27 years solid experience in ICT industry and is experienced in working in the senior level.

Over 20 years extensive experience in team leading and strong experience in building and maintaining good relationship with direct clients and strategic partners.
Currently, I am Head of Hybrid Cloud Systems, Hong Kong & Macau of Oracle.  Overall responsibility for the regions sales, third party alliances, and customer satisfaction. Develops and implements a comprehensive strategy that maximizes Oracle’s opportunities across all products and product lines.
Participates in strategic and tactical planning for the division.  Builds working relationships with all LoBs in the respective territory to develop joint GTM. Develops and execute a territory plan to maximize revenue.
Assists in the development of short, medium, and long term plans to achieve strategic objectives. Regularly interacts across functional areas with senior management or executives to ensure unit objectives are met. Ability to influence thinking or gain acceptance of others in sensitive situations important.

Mr Ken Ip | 叶文瀚 先生

University of Melbourne & RMIT
AGM/Group Head of Marketing, B.S.C. Group

恒威企业集团 市场推广总监及副总经理

Hong Kong

Ken is an award-winning marketing and brand communications strategist who has worked with leading multinational and conglomerates in a variety of senior capacities ranging from corporate consultancy to public affairs advising. Ken formerly held the position of Head of Marketing at Atkins, one of the world’s leading engineering and design consultancies. He was also the marketing head for Leigh & Orange, a 145-year-old design firm. He is currently the Assistant General Manager and Group Head of Marketing at B.S.C. Group, where he is in charge of marketing their engineering, design, construction, wholesale, and retail businesses, which include over 200 lifestyle brands.
An active keynote speaker, columnist, and Associate Professor, Ken is a regular contributor on topics in MarTech, Branding, Real Estate, and e-Commerce. He is also the author of two best-selling titles, “Life Hacks” and “Growth Hacks”.
Ken is presently the Chairman of the Asia MarTech Society and serves on the Advisory Board for several business organisations, advising on industry growth problems.
叶先生亦为著名市场营销作家、专栏作家、教授、及商业演讲者。先后撰写了两本畅销书籍” Life Hacks”和” Growth Hacks”,同时亦一直关注智慧城市的发展并积极为此作出贡献。

叶先生目前是 亚洲行销科技协会(Asia MarTech Society) 的主席,并担任多个国际组织的顾问委员,就行业增长问题提供建议。

Mr Nelson Ren | 任重 先生

Macquarie University alumnus
Managing Director
Edelman International Public Relations (China) Ltd.


Shanghai based

A form believer of that communications can connect the misunderstood ones, empower underestimated challenges, and celebrate the unrecognized heros, Zhong Ren (Nelson) had achieved the pinnacle of what a communicator can in the past 20 years after graduated from Macquarie University. He headed up Communications and CSR activities for three Fortune 500’s corporations in China, DuPont, MetLife and EssilorLuxttica before moving to consultancy side leading the Shanghai office of Edelman, the world’s largest PR firm.
In different roles, Nelson consistently dedicated to defining corporates’ value and vision therefore to contribute to the communities by fighting against some of the most urgent issues China is facing such as hunger, environment pressure, urban health, and youth myopia.

Mr Frank Tonna | 唐夫勤 先生 JUDGE’S COMMENDATION

University of New South Wales alumnus
University of Sydney alumnus
General Manager, Sales & Marketing, Alsco China


Frank is a seasoned China hand as he has been in China for 15 years. In this time, he has made significant contributions to the companies he has worked for and hence the China economy also.
Frank came to China for multinational company CHEP. He was one of the first people on the ground in China to start the business and effectively grew it from no revenues to circa US$ 30m after 5 years of normalised operations. He was recognised as one of the trail blazers in establishing the new industry of “pallet pooling” in China. Ultimately, his efforts would lead to his winning of the China Supply Chain Executive of the Year in 2008 (by the China Supply Chain Council).
At Alsco, Frank and his team have achieved significant results to date. At the half-way mark for the year, New Business revenue has already exceeded the total New Business revenue achieved in 2020 and his team have already completed 80% of their 2021 target. The Q2 New Business results were 170% to target alone. The results so far this year are amongst the highest in the Alsco operating world (Alsco operates in 17 countries).
Outside of work, Frank contributed to various areas, like the development of his profession, where he was a judge for the Australian Marketing Institute Awards for 2021. He is also an author of Dymocks Best-Selling book, “The Beginner’s Guide to Money& Success” in addition to winning many other awards.
Mr Peter Xiao | 肖佳 先生 WINNER

University of Queensland alumnus

Shanghai based

Shortly graduated with an Mt Eliza MBA from the University of Queensland, Peter had an accelerated career promotion to HR Director of Ericsson Enterprise BU Greater China in 2002. Over nearly 20 years, Peter excelled in his HR career with different multinationals across Asia, first as APAC HR Director in 2010 and now Global HR VP for French MNC Nexans. He is the first and only Asian HR VP in Nexans’ global leadership team and supports an over 1 billion Euro business with 20 factories in the US, Europe, APAC and Africa. Nexans share price increased 72% in the past year.

1) Translated the corporate ambition of reaching carbon neutrality by 2030 into a series of targets in energy and water conservation, waste reduction and health and safety. The targets were incorporated into the annual incentive plan of all managers.

2) Launched the Gender Equality and Diversity Program: Under Peter’s leadership, the first female operator began working in Suzhou, China in 2019. Now, 20% of operators are female.

3) Supporting rural education. Working with non-profit organization ERGC (Educating Rural Girls in China), supported girls in Gansu Province in China to finish their secondary education.

Peter 2002年毕业于澳洲昆士兰大学,在近20年的职业生涯中,从爱立信人力资源总监的职位,晋升到亚太区及全球人力资源副总裁职位,支持10亿欧元的业务,领导国际团队管理欧美亚洲20多家工厂的人力资源工作。 在耐克森公司2030碳中的目标中,Peter积极推动水电节省,废品管理及安全管理工作。 领导了性别平等和多元化项目,使中国苏州工厂女工从2019年0% 上升到2021年20%

Ms Margarita Yao | 姚子然 女士

University of Southern Queensland alumna
La Trobe University alumna
General Counsel/ VP of legal affairs, Trina Solar


Have been recognized by peers and legal industry at large and won Outstanding Energy In House Attorney 2021, Excellent Performer in Dispute Resolution and Excellent Performer in Cross Board Deal Attorney awards, organized by China Commercial Business Law Journal (CBLJ) – a notorious legal journal for Asia based out of Hong Kong.
And won Top 15 In House Lawyer hosted by Reuter Thomson Asia Business Law (ABL)- this award is the Oscar equivalent of our legal industry. This award carries extreme weight in the industry.
(1) Setting up legal practice qualification within Trina, enabling us to practice as private attorneys – by pushing to improve the quality of in-house team and having a qualification as our requirement increased exponentially our hiring difficulty. By creating a valued and dynamic team to ensure we can attract the best and most suitable people to join.
(2) Having legal department taking initiative into business dealing and heading litigation team recovered debt that is beyond status of limitation, and contributing over 90Mm RMB profit to the company bottom line, making legal department a profit center- the process is a uphill battle that is challenge our perseverance and intelligence. The team does not
(3) Revolutionized how in-house legal team as run; and rolled out billing system within the company to record and allocate legal value creation benchmark- this change is significant and extremely difficult to roll out from both internal resistance from legal staff and company business department. But our communication and persistence and most of all, our quality of support and value has made this possible.
(4) Turning legal department into true counsel instead of risk control personnel; using our industry knowledge and our legal expertise to generate solutions and ensures company reaching profit and turnover target Revolutionized how in-house legal department is run.

姚子然:拥有佛罗里达大学国际金融学士和法学博士(Judicial Doctor; J.D)双学位,以及澳大利亚南昆士兰大学MBA(贸易法类)硕士学位。2000年初随欧洲老牌律师事务所回到中国开始在其在中国的执业生涯,拥有18年的国内国外职业诉讼经验,以并购交易和资本市场白领犯罪诉讼为其专业领域。现任天合光能股份有限公司总法务顾问一职。



Mr Alex Zhang | 张武 先生
University of Technology Sydney alumnus
Executive Director
Russell Reynolds Associates


Mr Alex Zhang (Chinese name: 张武) came back to China after his completion of his MBA study in Sydney Australia. He started his career in leadership advisory and organizational consulting field since 2006 when he worked in Siemens Management Institute as senior consultant for Siemens China internal leadership talent development. Over the past 15 years, Alex has coached and developed hundreds of leadership talents across the leadership pipeline in organizations of various types: multinational, China privately owned or state owned for their leadership effectiveness enhancement and personal growth. He also advised organizations in the area of organization culture integration especially in terms of how to build and manage their businesses across the international communities and lead across cultures for organizational ultimate performance. During this period, he is also passionate about young talent’s career development by providing guidance, frameworks and scientific approaches for better self-awareness, evaluation of personal strength and potential career fit as well as his personal insight and wisdom for selecting an appropriate career path for their future development.
He has worked in global consulting firms and organizations such as Siemens, DDI, Right Management, Russell Reynolds Associates and contributed to their business growth as well as young consultant talent development via coaching and mentoring.
Besides his commercial achievement, he has actively played a role in promoting the value of testing industry in China and APAC regions for the benefit of society in terms of talent management by working voluntarily as a board member of the Association of Test Publishers and being elected as chairman of its Asia Advisory Board for the period from 2018 to 2019.
张武先生于2001年在澳洲完成他的MBA学习后,返回中国工作。他的顾问职业生涯始于2006年,至今已有15年多的时间。在此期间,他曾服务于国际知名企业和组织咨询公司,例如: 西门子管理学院,睿仕管理咨询,罗盛咨询,从事领导力发展、高管测评与教练、组织文化诊断等方面的工作。在过去的15年多的时间里,张武先生曾经帮助了上千位在各个层级面上的领导者的自我发展、管理及领导能力的提升。 他尤其是对年轻的领导者或高潜后备人才的发展具有特别的激情,并也为此付出了时间与心血。在他对年轻高潜人才的教练辅导过程中,他为他们提供了自我发展的指导框架和方法论,并分享了他自己的智慧和个人经验,以促进他们的自我认知的提高,和职业发展中的答疑解惑。
除了他的商业成就,张武先生也积极地参与社会活动,以帮助提升测评行业对社会人才发展的贡献。 他自愿贡献自己的时间,不计报酬地为国际测评出版业协会工作,帮助其在亚洲及中国宣传测评的价值,提高市场对其价值的认知。他被选为该协会的理事,并于2018至2019年期间担任该协会亚洲顾问委员会的理事长。

Mr Chenggang Zhou | 周成刚 先生
Macquarie University
General Manager/President
Vision Overseas Consulting Co. Ltd. 


Beijing based

ZHOU Chenggang, CEO of New Oriental Education & Technology Group, Chairman of New Oriental Vision Overseas Consulting Co. Ltd.

Under his guidance, New Oriental, the most influential educational brand in China, has constantly innovated within the sphere of educational products, teaching quality and services. Under his leadership, the brand value and impact of New Oriental has flourished. 
Zhou has been a university lecturer in Suzhou and a radio producer at BBC, devoting over 30 years to the education industry. In his two decades at New Oriental, he has continuously promoted international education. His lectures have fostered a global perspective in Chinese education, giving students and parents a fresh insight to education. He has published a series of books, all of which are best-sellers in their field. His words leave a great impact on young people in China, encouraging them onto the world’s stage with greater confidence.

In recent times, amid the virus and policy changes, the whole industry is experiencing new challenges, however, Zhou has total confidence in the future of New Oriental. He’s leading New Oriental forward, guiding students to embrace the ideas of lifelong learning and global perspectives, while developing their independent character and social responsibility.