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2021 New South Wales China Alumni of the Year Award

New South Wales China Alumni of the Year Award

This Award recognises the significant achievements of New South Wales educated alumni in China. This Award celebrates all-round distinction in work, life and community service and aims to recognize an alumna/alumnus who has demonstrated excellence in her/his professional career and/or charitable activities, has supported to strengthen the Australia-China relationship and has potential to influence and inspire others.

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Cedric Yin-ChengNelson RenWayne Wang
Xiaofei Zhang Chenggang Zhou
Ashley Zhu
Mr Cedric Yin-Cheng | 郑宇正 先生

University of Technology Sydney
Macquarie University
President of Australia & New Zealand Tongzhi Rainbow Alliance Inc.

Sydney based

Australia & New Zealand Tongzhi Rainbow Alliance Inc. (ANTRA) is a community-based non-profit organisation incorporated under the NSW Associations Incorporation Act 2009 in December 2018 but we have been presenting ourselves in the young Mandarin- and Cantonese-speaking LGBTQIA+ communities in 2013 in the form of social chat groups on WeChat, LINE, Facebook and various online forums. We have now over 2,000 members and followers throughout WeChat, LINE, Facebook, Weibo and Instagram. ANTRA is registered with the NSW Fair Trading in the hope of fostering community awareness and growth amongst Mandarin and Cantonese speaking LGBTQIA+ self-identifying people. ANTRA represents a wider population of Mandarin and Cantonese speaking LGBTQIA+ communities in all Australian states and New Zealand. ANTRA is founded on the foundation to celebrate and embrace diversity, but most importantly, to become a point-of-contact and support for Mandarin and Cantonese speaking LGBTQIA+ community members, particularly migrants, international students and other newly arrived diasporas. ANTRA aims to:
· Establish a social networking platform for Mandarin- and Cantonese-speaking LGBTQIA+ community members;
· Advocate for the rights, interests and welfares of Mandarin- and Cantonese-speaking LGBTQIA+ community members; and
· Support and guide the health and self-identifying journey of Mandarin- and Cantonese-speaking LGBTQIA+ community members.
The impact of ANTRA is profound. Not only has ANTRA been able to represent and advocate for the Mandarin & Cantonese speaking LGBTQIA+ people in Australia, it is also the community group that visualises the livelihood of the community that in the past was hidden.
The LGBTQIA+ Chinese community in Australia is often marginalised due to the unique identity of a double minority. We find it hard to fit in to either the LGBTQIA+ and the Chinese communities often due to us being different. Many of whom are young international students, new migrants or refugee visa seekers.
Cedric has organised events such as educational seminars, public conferences, Fair Day and Mardi Gras to increase visibility of the community.

Cedric于2018年创立澳纽彩盟(ANTRA),非盈利非政府组织,旨在为澳大利亚以及新西兰地区的华语同志 (LGBTQIA+) 人群提供一个交流、互助和支持的平台。
ANTRA在微信,LINE, Facebook, Weibo和Instagram上有超过2000名成员和粉丝;希望在说普通话和粤语的LGBTQIA+自我认同的人群中培养和发展社区意识。ANTRA代表着澳大利亚各州和新西兰更广泛的说普通话和粤语的LGBTQIA+社区。ANTRA的成立是为了庆祝和拥抱多样性,但最重要的是,成为一个接触点和支持说普通话和粤语的LGBTQIA+社区成员,特别是移民、国际学生和其他新移民。目的是:

– 为说普通话和粤语的LGBTQIA+社区成员搭建社交平台;
– 倡导说普通话和粤语的LGBTQIA+社区成员的权益和福利;和支持和指导说普通话和粤语的LGBTQIA+社区成员的健康和自我认同之旅。
– ANTRA的影响是深远的。ANTRA不仅能够代表和倡导澳大利亚说普通话和粤语的LGBTQIA+人群,它还是一个社区团体,它将过去隐藏的社区生活可视化。

Mr Nelson Ren | 任重 先生

Macquarie University
Managing Director
Edelman International Public Relations (China) Ltd.



A firm believer of that communications can connect the misunderstood ones, empower underestimated challenges, and celebrate the unrecognized heros, Zhong Ren (Nelson) had achieved the pinnacle of what a communicator can in the past 20 years after graduated from Macquarie University. He headed up Communications and CSR activities for three Fortune 500’s corporations in China, DuPont, MetLife and Essilor Luxottica before moving to consultancy side leading the Shanghai office of Edelman, the world’s largest PR firm.
In different roles, Nelson consistently dedicated to defining corporates’ value and vision therefore to contribute to the communities by fighting against some of the most urgent issues China is facing such as hunger, environment pressure, urban health, and youth myopia.

Mr Wayne Wang | 王勇 先生

University of New South Wales
Equity Partner, ZHONG LUN Law firm


Guangzhou and Hong Kong based

Wayne is a partner of Zhong Lun leading its Australia-China bilateral investment and trade practice.  Before joining Zhong Lun, he worked with Allens, a top tier Australian law firm as an expatriate lawyer in Shanghai and Hong Kong (Feb 2006 – Jul 2014).
Wayne has advised many large corporates on cross border deals between Australia and China, including Rio Tinto, CSL, Dulux, Flight Centre, John Holland, ANZ, Macquarie Capital, China State Development Bank, China Construction Bank, China State Grid, Great Wall Motors, and Tianqi Lithium.  The aggregate value of such deals has exceeded AUD 38 billion.
§ Asialaw Profiles 2022 – Notable practitioner of the PRC (M&A, Banking & Finance)
§ The Legal 500 (2019 & 2021) – Specially Recommended Lawyer of the PRC
§ International Financial Law Review 2021 & 2022 – Leading Lawyer (Tier 1) of Guangdong province (M&A, Banking & Finance)
§ Chambers Asia-Pacific 2020 & 2021 – Leading Lawyer (Band 2) of Guangdong province (Corporate and Commercial) 
§ All China Lawyers Association (2016) – Leading Lawyer for Cross-Border Belt and Road Projects
Among the leading lawyers of China, Wayne is unique in that he received full legal education in Australia (LLM, Graduate Diploma, Undergraduate), was admitted as a solicitor of Australia and trained at a top Australian firm for 8.5 years.  
He is a co-founder and director of “Australia and Greater China Legal Cooperative Limited”, a not-for-profit platform to promote cooperation between Australian and Chinese lawyers.
He actively supports Zhong Lun Public Welfare Foundation, which subsidized poor students in 15 law schools and donated cash to hospitals of Wuhan during covid-19.

王勇是中伦律师事务所合伙人,负责澳中双向投资和贸易业务。加入中伦前,他曾在澳大利亚顶级律师事务所Allens工作,担任上海和香港分所外派律师( 2006年2月至2014年7月)。
王律师曾为众多企业就澳中跨境交易提供法律服务,包括力拓、 CSL、多乐士、Flight Centre、John Holland、澳新银行、麦格理资本、中国国家开发银行、中国建设银行、中国国家电网、长城汽车和天齐锂业。该等交易所涉金额总计超过380亿澳元。
§ 《亚洲法律概况》(Asialaw Profiles)2022年—“知名律师(公司并购、银行与金融)”
§ 《法律500强》(The Legal 500)2019年和2021年—“特别推荐律师”
§ 《国际金融法律评论》(IFLR 1000)2021年和2022年—“广东地区领先律师第一级别(并购、银行与金融)”
§ 《钱伯斯亚太指南》(Chambers Asia-Pacific)2020年和2021年—“公司/商事法:东部沿海(广东)第2级别领先律师”
§ 全国律师协会(2016年)—“一带一路战略建设项目跨境律师领军人才库”
Mr Xiaofei Zhang | 张啸飞 先生

University of Newcastle
Professor in Epidemiology and Biostatistics

Beijing based

I am mainly engaged in public health and community medicine research related to cardiovascular disease, methodology and biostatistics related to clinical study design. Meanwhile, I also serve as a committee member of national associations such as China Gerontology Association, China Rehabilitation Association and The Affiliated Association of China World Alliance of Traditional Chinese Medicine. In these associations mainly participate in some professional guidance, consensus, training and other aspects of the work. I am also an editorial board member of national high-quality professional journals in China, and an expert reviewer of 4 high-quality professional journals (circulation, hypertension, Stroke and JAHA) affiliated to the American Heart Association. I am also an expert reviewer for the European Journal of Cardiovascular Prevention, a high quality journal of the European Heart Association. In addition, I am also a reviewer for several other high quality journals in China, Europe and US. In 2012, I clearly described the trends of heart and stroke mortality in China for the first time and won the first Hundred Excellent Papers award in 2016.I cooperated with Professor Andrew Boyle from The University of Newcastle in New South Wales, Australia, to analyzed the characteristics of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular death in Chinese population successively, and found the different characteristics of Chinese cardiovascular and cerebrovascular death in aging, urban and rural areas, and gender. It provides very important evidences and views for the targeted prevention and treatment of cardio-cerebral blood diseases in China. Currently, I am the director of the Center for Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics at Tsinghua University Changgung Hospital, and the Director of the Beijing Center for Clinical Research Quality Promotion at Tsinghua Changgung Hospital.

我主要从事与心血管疾病有关的公共卫生和社区医学研究、与临床研究设计有关的方法学及生物统计学方面的工作,同时我也在中国老年协会、中国康复协会、中国世界中医药联盟所属协会等国家级协会任委员会委员,在这些协会中主要参加一些专业指南、共识、培训等方面的工作。也在中国国家级的高质量专业杂志担任编委工作,同时我也作为美国心脏协会所属的4种高质量专业杂志( 循环、高血压、卒中及JAHA)的审稿专家;我也作为欧洲心脏协会所属的高质量杂志-欧洲心血管预防杂志-的专家审稿人。除此之外,我还作为其它几种中国及欧美高质量杂志的审稿人。2012年我首次清晰地描述了中国心脏和卒中死亡率的趋势,并获得2016年首届百篇优秀论文奖。我与位于澳大利亚新南威尔士的纽卡斯尔大学的Andrew Boyle教授合作,先后分析了中国人群心脑血管疾病死亡的特点,并找到了中国心脑血管死亡人群老年化、城市和农村及性别的不同特点,为中国心脑血管疾病的有针对性地防治提供了非常重要的证据和观点。目前,我在清华大学长庚医院作为临床流行病学和生物统计中心主任, 北京临床研究质量促进中心清华长庚医院分中心主任。

Mr Chenggang Zhou | 周成刚 先生 WINNER

Macquarie University
General Manager/President
Vision Overseas Consulting Co. Ltd.


ZHOU Chenggang, CEO of New Oriental Education & Technology Group, Chairman of New Oriental Vision Overseas Consulting Co. Ltd.

Under his guidance, New Oriental, the most influential educational brand in China, has constantly innovated within the sphere of educational products, teaching quality and services. Under his leadership, the brand value and impact of New Oriental has flourished. 
Zhou has been a university lecturer in Suzhou and a radio producer at BBC, devoting over 30 years to the education industry. In his two decades at New Oriental, he has continuously promoted international education. His lectures have fostered a global perspective in Chinese education, giving students and parents a fresh insight to education. He has published a series of books, all of which are best-sellers in their field. His words leave a great impact on young people in China, encouraging them onto the world’s stage with greater confidence.

In recent times, amid the virus and policy changes, the whole industry is experiencing new challenges, however, Zhou has total confidence in the future of New Oriental. He’s leading New Oriental forward, guiding students to embrace the ideas of lifelong learning and global perspectives, while developing their independent character and social responsibility. 




Ms Ashley Zhu | 朱媛媛 女士

University of Newcastle
Manager, ESG, PwC China & Hong Kong


Shanghai based