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2021 The National Foundation for Australia China Relations Community Service Award

The National Foundation for Australia China Relations Community Service Award

This Award recognises alumni who have made an outstanding commitment to service in the community and society in China or Australia, and who have thereby bettered the lives of others through professional or volunteer efforts.

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Nadine Julia BaileyCedric Cheng
Xiaojun Qiu
Winmas YuSteven Yu
Nadine Julia Bailey | 百丽娜 女士

Charles Sturt University
Teacher Librarian / Technology Integrator Middle School, Western Academy of Beijing



I am very honored to be selected for this award. Having changed my career from finance to education I can only say that it is true that 教学相长 (jiàoxué-xiāngzhǎng) – when you teach someone, both teacher and student benefits. It is my passion to ensure that young people in our learning communities are able to see their lives and identities reflected in the books they read and to have access to diverse literature to build empathy with their fellow students around the world. It is my mission to make sure that our young people not only know about well-known Western scientists but that we uncover role models in other nations, including Chinese culture, history, science and mathematics and their contributions to the world of knowledge. It has also been a privilege to be able to connect scientists and researchers in the Australian National University Enrichment opportunities with our middle and high school students.  My greatest source of happiness is when our young people are moved by something they read and develop as more empathetic humans as a result. 


Cedric Yin-Cheng | 郑宇正  先生 WINNER

University of Technology Sydney
ANTRA President  


Australia & New Zealand Tongzhi Rainbow Alliance Inc. (ANTRA) is a community-based non-profit organisation incorporated under the NSW Associations Incorporation Act 2009 in December 2018 but we have been presenting ourselves in the young Mandarin- and Cantonese-speaking LGBTQIA+ communities in 2013 in the form of social chat groups on WeChat, LINE, Facebook and various online forums. We have now over 2,000 members and followers throughout WeChat, LINE, Facebook, Weibo and Instagram. ANTRA is registered with the NSW Fair Trading in the hope of fostering community awareness and growth amongst Mandarin and Cantonese speaking LGBTQIA+ self-identifying people. ANTRA represents a wider population of Mandarin and Cantonese speaking LGBTQIA+ communities in all Australian states and New Zealand. ANTRA is founded on the foundation to celebrate and embrace diversity, but most importantly, to become a point-of-contact and support for Mandarin and Cantonese speaking LGBTQIA+ community members, particularly migrants, international students and other newly arrived diasporas. ANTRA aims to:
· Establish a social networking platform for Mandarin- and Cantonese-speaking LGBTQIA+ community members;
· Advocate for the rights, interests and welfares of Mandarin- and Cantonese-speaking LGBTQIA+ community members; and
· Support and guide the health and self-identifying journey of Mandarin- and Cantonese-speaking LGBTQIA+ community members.
The impact of ANTRA is profound. Not only has ANTRA been able to represent and advocate for the Mandarin & Cantonese speaking LGBTQIA+ people in Australia, it is also the community group that visualises the livelihood of the community that in the past was hidden.
The LGBTQIA+ Chinese community in Australia is often marginalised due to the unique identity of a double minority. We find it hard to fit in to either the LGBTQIA+ and the Chinese communities often due to us being different. Many of whom are young international students, new migrants or refugee visa seekers.
Cedric has organised events such as educational seminars, public conferences, Fair Day and Mardi Gras to increase visibility of the community.

Cedric于2018年创立澳纽彩盟(ANTRA),非盈利非政府组织,旨在为澳大利亚以及新西兰地区的华语同志 (LGBTQIA+) 人群提供一个交流、互助和支持的平台。
ANTRA在微信,LINE, Facebook, Weibo和Instagram上有超过2000名成员和粉丝;希望在说普通话和粤语的LGBTQIA+自我认同的人群中培养和发展社区意识。ANTRA代表着澳大利亚各州和新西兰更广泛的说普通话和粤语的LGBTQIA+社区。ANTRA的成立是为了庆祝和拥抱多样性,但最重要的是,成为一个接触点和支持说普通话和粤语的LGBTQIA+社区成员,特别是移民、国际学生和其他新移民。目的是:



Michael Qiu | 邱晓军 先生 WINNER

Macquarie University
of World Light Volleyball League



Mr. Michael Qiu is active and enthusiastic volunteer in promoting and organising community sport activities.
He founded the Sydney DAFU club in Sydney in October 2019, and the World Light Volleyball League in October 2020.
In the past two years, since the DAFU Club first established, it has extended and influenced from a handful of 10 people to thousands to play light volleyball in various local areas of Sydney.
Light volleyball is an emerging sport developed from China. It is easy to learn, highly entertaining, and a good type of group exercise.
Meanwhile, it has shown the social effects of this group exercise including improvement of friendship, meeting new people to integrate into social groups, attractive to participants of all ages, female friendly, welcoming and inclusive.
As a light volleyball enthusiast, his activities include: leading to play, organising competitions, shooting, producing various teaching videos and sharing them online. His goal is to provide help for those who enjoy playing light volleyball and those who would like to learn in order to improve their fitness and teamwork.
Light volleyball is a new type of sport for Australia and the world. The potential for future development is unlimited, due to the attributes of this charming sport . Mr. Michael Qiu wishes to continue contributing to the promotion of light volleyball in Australia and around the world!

Michael Qiu 先生积极热心于推广和组织社区的体育活动。
他于2019年10月在悉尼创立了大福轻排球俱乐部 (Sydney DAFU club),并于2020年10月创立了世界轻排联盟(WORLD LIGHT VOLLEYBALL LEAGUE)在过去二年中,从刚成立大福俱乐部时的10多人,发展和影响到有上千人在悉尼多个地区玩轻排球。


他作为一名轻排爱好者,不仅去带领大家打球,组织比赛,而且还拍摄,制作各种打球的教学视频放到网络上,希望让更多人去了解和参加轻排活动, 从中提高个人的身体健康,团体的凝聚力。

轻排球对澳洲和世界来说,只是刚刚开始,因为它的特殊魅力,将来发展的潜力是无限的。 Michael Qiu 先生希望能够为轻排在澳洲和世界的推广,继续做点贡献!

Wimnas Yu | 余睿章 先生

Queensland University of Technology
Lead Digital Content Producer, Cantonese Radio Program, SBS Radio


Sydney based

My name is Winmas Yu, the Lead Digital Content Producer for the Cantonese Program of the Audio and Language Content division in SBS Australia (“SBS Radio”). I graduated from the Queensland University of Technology with the Bachelor degree of Creative Industries in 2015, and the Master coursework degree of Media Practice from the University of Sydney in 2016.
Since young, I have been very interested in journalism and multimedia productions. The two university courses helped shape my career, so that I could deliver news content and up-to-date information to the Chinese community in Australia utilising my skills and knowledge, particularly those who do not pursue adequate English language skills to understand reports on mainstream media. It is especially in these past 18 months when Australia was affected the Covid-19 pandemic, that our role has never been more important, as we deliver critical public health messages to the community, which has been very well received and appreciated by community members, who expressed their gratitude via different means.
I am grateful that I was given the precious opportunities to live, study and work in Australia, and I wish to continue serving the Chinese-Australian community and the wider Australian society in the future.
Winmas 毕业于昆士兰科技大学创意媒体学士专业,并获得悉尼大学的媒体学硕士学位。我透过所学的知识和技能,为澳洲华人社群提供最新新闻资讯,特别是澳洲遭受新冠病毒肆虐的近18个月,更能清楚的反映我们所发挥的作用,童工重要的公共卫生资讯。我很庆幸能得到在澳洲生活、学习和工作的宝贵机会。希望在未来的日子里,继续为澳洲的华人社区以及广大社会做出贡献。
Steven Yu | 余浩成 先生

University of Sydney
Managing Director & Founder
Swan Group Global (Trading as Fish Talk Global)



Haocheng (Steven) is very passionate about empowering others to improve, grow and outperform.
• Formerly established in 2019, Steven’s Fish Talk has organised over 150 seminars to facilitate career-related discussions, which attracted over 5,000 participants.
• Cultivated a WeChat community in his spare time, which attracted over 1,500 professionals with Chinese backgrounds from all industries at all levels.
• Helped hundreds of young professionals within his community excel and outperform through his tailored coaching program.
• Volunteered as committee head for Career Development and Coaching Committee in Association of Chinese Accountants Australia from 2018 to 2020.
• Through ABCN (The Australian Business and Community Network), volunteered as a mentor to Year 7 and 8 students in Prairiewood High School to promote STEM learning.
Steven has been quite active in other leadership capacities within the community. Within the capacity of the founder & chairman of China Blast Futsal Club and JXUFE (Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics) Alumni Association of Australia, Steven has led below philanthropic activities:
• The donation of over 3,000 KN95 masks to Wuhan Tai Kang Hospital during the Pandemic
• The donation campaign to:
 City to Surf
 Arrow Bone Marrow Transplant Foundation
 Sydney Children’s Hospital
 Movember

• 2019 年成立”小鱼说”,拥有1500多名专业会员
• 组织150余场职场公益研讨会
• 以陪伴式教学帮助数百名会员实现职业目标
• 曾担任澳洲中华会计师协会职业发展和辅导部负责人
• 担任澳洲Prairiewood 高中的科学导师,倡导STEM 国际新型教育理念
• 创建江西财经大学澳洲校友并任职主席
• 创建澳洲足球俱乐部China Blast并参与百场比赛
• 领导了慈善和募捐包括:
City to Surf