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2020 Australia China Alumni of the Year Award

Australia China Alumni of the Year Award

This prestigious award celebrates all-round distinction in work, life and community service and aims to recognize an alumna/alumnus who has demonstrated excellence in her/his professional career and/or through charitable activities. 

All nominees for this award will have established themselves as leaders in their chosen fields, and will also have made significant contributions to strengthening the relationship between Australia and China.

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David Chan


Andrew Chan


Edward Lai


Yu Ouyang


La Trobe

Wayne Wang


David Chan


CEO of Bo Le Associates

Queensland University of Technology alumnus

Shanghai based

Being an early migrant to Australia with no spoken or written english back in 1974 was a big struggle. Through persistence, I graduated with a Bachelor of Science major in Computing from the Queensland Institute of Technology in 1986 and later completed my Masters at Macquarie University.


In the over 30 plus years since that time, my career has covered multiple industries including FMCG, Global Financial Services and more recently in HR Consulting working with mostly Fortune 500 companies such as MARS, Johnson & Johnson, JP Morgan, NAB and ANZ.

I feel a great sense of achievement working across industry sectors and multiple functions including IT, Global Markets, Risk Management, Relationship Management and almost 8 years as a CEO. The breadth of my experience has allowed me to take on my current role as CEO of Bo Le Associates.

I have been fortunate to be able to develop my career in Australia, HK and Mainland China leveraging my strong Australian Chinese background to bring important expertise to the other markets. I feel my greatest achievement has been the diversity of my experience.


在此后的30多年里,我的职业生涯涵盖了多个行业,包括快速消费品、全球金融服务以及最近与财富500强企业(如MARS、Johnson&Johnson、JP Morgan、NAB和ANZ)合作的人力资源咨询工作。              



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Andrew Chan

Founder & CEO of ACI HR Solution

University of South Australia Alumnus

Hong Kong based

I have dedicated over 25 years to the Travel and Tourism landscape, with the last 16 years focused on human capital and talent acquisition. Since 2004, I managed and owned two successful recruitment firms dedicated to the Travel and Hospitality industry across Australia, New Zealand, and Asia.  Starting with just 3 offices in Australia, as CEO, I grew international operations to 9 offices across Asia Pacific before the company was sold in 2012.

In 2012, I founded my present company ACI. I went about remodelling the recruitment business with a focus on workforce mobility; the majority of our staff members are working parents who favour the flexible option we offer. I have twice been recognised as Recruitment Entrepreneur of the Year and more recently, I have ventured into a new start-up that will solely be using AI technology in the recruitment process.

Beyond my own organisation, I have a keen focus on the next generation of tourism

and hospitality graduates and employees, as I believe that they hold the key to the future of this sector. As such, I sit on the board of a number of associations and frequently participate in mentoring programs where I can offer my knowledge and experience to enable future talents and entrepreneurs.

在过去的25年里,我致力于旅游和旅游业的发展,并在近来的16 年专注于人力资本和人才招聘。自2004年以来,我管理并拥有两家成功的招聘公司,致力于澳大利亚、新西兰和亚洲的旅游和酒店业。 在2012年公司被出售之前,作为首席执行官,我在澳大利亚只设立了3个办事处,并将国际业务发展到亚太地区的9个办事处。



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Edward Lai

CEO of BOA International Securities Limited

Central Queensland University Alumnus

Hong Kong based

Edward Lai is currently Chief Executive Officer of BOA International Securities Limited. Previously, he held senior executive positions in multi-billion-dollar financial companies over the past twenty-seven years.

Edward served as the Corporate Treasurer in KGI Securities Limited from 2005 to 2008. He had handled 300 IPO financing cases amounting to HK$800 billion, which led KGI Securities to become the “most funds raised” institution in Hong Kong. In addition, he successfully lined up ten sizeable banks to provide several thousand million of US$ credit facilities for business development. Edward also designed an innovative treasury system to maximize cost savings and reduce operation risk. As a result, it produced higher-than-market revenue gains, which increased from US$8 million to US$37 million and delivered triple EBITA growth.

From 2008 to 2012, he was a Regional Head in JP Morgan, supervising over 100 staff located in 13 Asia countries. During this period, he participated in one of the most significant M&A projects in the World (Bears Stream acquisition).

Edward was the Chief Executive Officer in CIS Securities Asset Management from 2015 to 2018, managing HK$10 billion of assets. He streamlined the company’s operation module to maximize cost savings and efficiency, that delivered triple EBITA growth.

Edward continuously produces sustained revenue and EBITA growth in dynamic and changing markets, proven achievements in Banking and Securities business, with an extensive business background in international and multi-cultural environments.


2005年至2008年,他擔任凱基證券有限公司的企業財務總監。他處理了300宗IPO融資`項目,涉及金額約8,000億港元,這使該證券公司成為香港籌集資金最多的公司。此外,他成功地找到十家大型銀行,為業務發展提供了數十億美元的信貸額度。他還設計了創新的財務系統,達至最大程度地節省成本並降低運營風險。 結果,它產生了高於市場的收入收益,從800萬美元增至3,700萬美元,並使稅前收益增長了三倍。




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Yu Ouyang


DeTao Master for creative writing and translation in English and Chinese

La Trobe University Alumnus

Melbourne based

Ouyang Yu, now based in Melbourne, came to Australia in early 1991 and, by early September 2020, had published 127 books of poetry, fiction, non-fiction, literary translation and literary criticism in the English and Chinese languages. He also edits Australia’s only Chinese literary journal, Otherland (since late 1996). His noted books include his award-winning novels, The Eastern Slope Chronicle (2002) and The English Class (2010); his collections of poetry, Songs of the Last Chinese Poet (1997), New and Selected Poems (Salt Publishing, 2004) and The Kingsbury Tales: A Complete Collection (2012); his translations in Chinese, The Female Eunuch (1991), The Ancestor Game (1996), The Man Who Loved Children (1998, new edition 2014), The Shock of the New (2003, new edition 2019), The Fatal Shore (2014) and Nothing if not Critical (2016); his book of literary criticism, Chinese in Australian Fiction: 1888-1988 (Cambria Press, 2008) and his history book in Chinese, A History of Literary Exchange between Australia and China (Showwe Publishing, Taiwan, 2016).

Ouyang Yu was nominated one of the Top 100 Most Influential Melbournians for the year 2011 as well as the Top 10 most influential writers of Chinese origin in the Chinese diaspora.


n July 2014, his translation of The Fatal Shore into Chinese won Book Award for Translation, awarded by the Australia-China Council, and, in 2016, he won a special award from Australia-China Council for his contribution to Australian Studies in China between 2000 and 2016, for ‘his contributions to Australian Studies in China through major translations and original works of scholarship’.

He was the ‘Siyuan Scholar’ and professor of English at Shanghai University of International Business and Economics, China, from late 2012 to mid-2019.

From January to September 2020, he has published two collections of English poetry, Living After Death (MPU) and Terminally Poetic (Ginninderra Press), three poetry books of translation in English (Puncher & Wattmann), and a number of Chinese books.

欧阳昱,中英文双语作家、诗人、翻译家、《原乡》文学杂志主编。截至2020年9月,已出版中英文著译127种,中英文诗歌在世界各地数百种中英文杂志上发表数千首,遍及英、美、俄、加、澳、新西兰、爱尔兰、新加坡、日本、印度、爱沙尼亚、波兰、哈萨克斯坦、意大利、瑞典、德国、奥地利、越南等国。曾数度获创作基金奖并两度入围新南威尔士总督文学奖。第四部英文诗集《异物》获悉尼2003年快书诗歌奖。英文诗歌代表作为Songs of the Last Chinese Poet(《最后一个中国诗人的歌》),译著代表作为《女太监》、《新的冲击》、《卡普里柯尼亚》、《致命的海滩》和《绝对批评》。中文诗歌两次入选中国最佳诗歌选。英文诗歌自2004年至2016年,连续11次入选澳大利亚最佳诗歌选,含入选2012年澳大利亚最佳诗歌选的英译当代中国诗歌三首和入选2013年澳大利亚最佳诗歌选的英译当代中国诗歌二首。

英文长篇处女作The Eastern Slope Chronicle(《东坡纪事》)获2004年阿德雷得文学节文学创新奖,出版之后便被列为悉尼大学英文系教材。现共出版15本英文诗集、5部英文长篇小说、7部中文长篇小说和11部中文诗集。

2019年有四部英文译诗集和一部英文双语诗集在澳出版。2020年下半年已有3部英译诗集在悉尼出版和两部英文诗集出版,即Terminally Poetic(Ginninderra Press, 2020)和Living After Death(MPU, 2020)。

第二部英文长篇小说The English Class(《英语班》)由墨尔本的Transit Lounge出版社于2010年8月在墨尔本出版,于2011年获得新南威尔士总督奖社区关系奖,新南威尔士总督奖克里斯蒂娜·斯台德长篇小说入围奖,昆士兰总督文学奖入围奖和西澳总督文学奖入围奖。

2011年,欧阳昱被评为Top 100 Melbournians of 2011(2011年度百名顶级墨尔本人)。


2013年,欧阳昱的《自译集》入围澳大利亚新南威尔士总督奖的文学翻译奖,并获得2013年度Naji Naaman(纳吉·纳曼)文学奖的荣誉奖(全部作品)。




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Wayne Wang


Equity Partner of Zhong Lun Law Firm 

University of New South Wales Alumnus 

Guangzhou and Hong Kong based

Wayne is a partner of Zhong Lun leading its Australia-China bilateral investment and trade practice.  Before joining Zhong Lun, he worked with Allens, a top tier Australian law firm as an expatriate lawyer in Shanghai and Hong Kong (Feb 2006 – Jul 2014).

Wayne has advised many large corporates on cross border deals between Australia and China, including Rio Tinto, CSL, Dulux, Flight Centre, John Holland, ANZ, Macquarie Capital, China State Development Bank, China Construction Bank, China State Grid, Great Wall Motors, and Tianqi Lithium.  The aggregate value of such deals has exceeded AUD 38 billion.


(1) “Leading Lawyer (Banking&Finance; M&A)”, – International Financial Law Review (2021);

(2) “Highly Recommended Lawyer (Corporate&Commercial, Guangdong)” – Chambers Asia (2020);

(3) “Specially Recommended Lawyer” – Legal 500 (2019); and

(4) “Leading Lawyer for Belt and Road Projects” – All China Lawyers Association (2017).

Among the leading lawyers of China, Wayne is unique in that he received all of his legal education in Australia (LLM, Graduate Diploma, Undergraduate), was admitted as a solicitor in Australia and trained at a top Australian firm for 8.5 years.  

He is a co-founder and director of “Australia and Greater China Legal Cooperative Limited”, a not-for-profit platform to promote cooperation between Australian and Chinese lawyers.

He actively supports Zhong Lun Public Welfare Foundation, which subsidizes poor students in 15 law schools and donated cash to hospitals of Wuhan during covid-19.

Before he went to study in Australia, he worked with the legal aid centre of Guangdong Province for 3.5 years (Jul 1998 – Feb 2002), and acted as an advocate in civil and criminal proceedings for people who could not afford the legal costs.  

王勇是中伦律师事务所合伙人,负责澳中双向投资和贸易业务。加入中伦前,他曾在澳大利亚顶级律师事务所Allens工作,担任上海和香港分所外派律师( 2006年2月至2014年7月)。

王律师曾为众多企业就澳中跨境交易提供法律服务,包括力拓、 CSL、多乐士、Flight Centre、John Holland、澳新银行、麦格理资本、中国国家开发银行、中国建设银行、中国国家电网、长城汽车和天齐锂业。该等交易所涉金额总计超过380亿澳元。


  • “领先律师(银行与金融;并购)” – 国际金融法律评论(2021)
  • “高度受认可律师(公司和商事领域;广东)” – 钱伯斯亚太 (2020)
  • “特别推荐律师” – 法律 500强 (2019);和
  • “一带一路跨境律师领军人才” – 中华全国律师协会 (2017)




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